11 June 2019

Beyond the Illusion ~ Alexandar Kosmos & Brenda Garcia ~ 10 June 2019

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Source: Alexandrian Kosmos

Recognizing where we are now in Mother Earth’s evolving Fifth Dimension may seem in many ways like seeing a mirage with our eyes and minds. Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimensional world is not now, nor will it be, experienced as an instantaneous moment of change but rather as an act of spiritual entropy.

Humanity continues to experience a 3rd dimensional illusion that is sustained by old belief systems as demonstrated by our world’s many weaknesses and dramas. The 3rd dimensional world is shifting from a seemingly ordered state to a state of disorder and chaos. For now, the world’s financial system remains based upon a fiat money, rather than God’s Currency – the Currency of Love. There are persistent rumors of war and international disputes. Daily acts of violence are “normalized”.

Humanity’s role upon Mother Earth is now shifting and preparing us for our new role within the Universal Community of Sun-Stars – that of experiencing a Universal Self. We can all understand how the experiences of our 3rd and 4th dimensional world are vibrationally maintained, but will we be capable of comprehending beyond those old beliefs?

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