10 June 2019

Broder Bilal Update ~ 10 June 2019

Source: Broder Bilal

Reports been coming in from few people about “psychic attacks” and other interfering energies have now lessen to a large degree.

Few reported seen a “Blue Transparent Luminous Light" around 5 June that these “Interfering Energies” could not withstand.

With the Entrance Portals connected to every Starsystems that opened 26 April as a passageway when they cannot cope with the higher energies we are entering – This was expected.

For those who still are experiencing some interference;
*Canceling all past lives contacts with Astral Entities.
*Call in help by your Highest Self, your Guides, Teams, Angels, Galactic’s to cut all ties to these energies that are around you.

*Connect to the “Blue Transparent Luminous Light” that is now in our Collective field and ask for protection. Ask help with connecting to that light signature, if you do not know about the new Plasma Light.

Many are also experiencing issues that they believe is “Interfering Energies” from the Astral field. We have advance technology that is available on Earth for scanning the whole body and the electromagnetic field. This machine can give clear overview of what is causing those issues.

E-Lybra have the largest database with more than 500.000 frequency signatures (off world assistance) for scanning the whole body and clearing “Interfering Energies” in Astral field that are not called in by own Free-will.

E-Lybra can be also be used for balancing energies stored in genetics - Epigenetic Modification
Those who requested help with “psychic attacks”- when the help has been given. These energies often came back. With the reinforced protective shield around the Planet/Gaia - it will now be difficult to pass the protective shield without energetic match ones they are off the Planet.

We need to collect more Intel. Would be great of you can share a comment and give an update about your current situation and how you been experiencing past weeks – also what changes you felt within yourself.

Use any languages that fits you - Thank You
Brother Bilal


  1. The theearthplan website is part of my daily trawl for information so it is a pleasant surprise to see my company's product mentioned here - I am the software developer for the company; the e-Lybra system was developed by our CEO Victor Sims and our company is called World Development Systems (WDS for short), and we are based in the UK. I ought to just capitalise on the surprise (but welcome) appearance of our product - for more information about the e-Lybra system please see https://wds-bio-resonance.com. The e-Lybra is a system designed for, and used by, energy practitioners around the world.

    As an offshoot to the e-Lybra we also develop a range of wearable devices which can be found at https://ascension-support-tools.com - this includes a "Protection pendant" which also ties in with Broder Bilal's commentary (thank you Broder Bilal!). The pendants receive a remote transmission once an hour to top up the formula, and this also gives us the opportunity to modify the formula at any time; we will be looking into the "Blue Transparent Luminous Light" to see if we can/should incorporate that into the Protection pendant too. It certainly has been a very intense few days of incoming encodements, very vivid dreams, the usual ascension symptoms, finding astral fragments and entities springing up into our dimension for clearing, and so on.

    NB The remote transmission is performed by our "Broadcast Server", an industrial-strength process that can transmit different energetic formulae to (theoretically) millions of remote targets per hour. To the best of my knowledge we are the first company to create a system which can scale up to such a large workload. As a company we are very focussed on developing tools for healing, meditation, preparation for the personal Ascension process, and of course the liberation of planet Earth.

    Finally, I apologise if the https://ascension-support-tools.com website is a little flaky at the moment, I have a major update in development but it will be a few weeks before it is ready to go up. It certainly needs it. If you got to the end of my chatter here many thanks for your interest ;-) Namaste, Jon

    1. Greetings, Jon! Thank you for dropping by, and thank you for leaving your website link for the support tools. I had a look, and don't worry, I could navigate through just fine :) I am so GRATEFUL for what you and your company are doing in terms of Energy Healing and Tools (I intend to get one of the pendants, still deciding....)

      Broder Bilal is keeping us busy, another session in two days :D

      Thank you once again for all you do, dear Jon. Many Blessings <3

    2. It took me three attempts to leave this reply for you

    3. Just occurred to me
      WDS also White Dragon Society

  2. Thank you Grace, and in particular thank you for all that you do to keep the lightworker community informed about current developments.

    When I first met Victor eighteen years ago and he told me the name of his company I immediately thought White Dragon Society too! I told him that and actually he hadn't heard of them, but after all these years working for him I can confirm we are not any part of the White Dragon Society - but...the coincidence is interesting. He says he was given the company name in meditation, so who knows? We both get a lot of higher guidance with what we do; I can often feel a higher energy at my side when I am writing energy-specific code or am trying to find the words to explain a concept - often very difficult because our everyday language has yet to evolve to a point where many of the "energy medicine" concepts can be described in every day conversation.

    One day I would like to join into your community and contribute article postings as well. Just for now though I am so busy with writing code for new products that we have in development that sadly I just don't have the time, but one day I will. Again, thank you Grace.

    Namaste, Jon

    1. I don't believe in coincidences, only Synchronicity....so hmmm.... :D

      Please continue your good work, Jon. I am such a believer in Energy Medicine although I know what you mean ~ the concepts are "etheric" in nature, and I do not fully understand how products such as yours work ~ I just know the "technology" is real!!

      Keep shining your Bright Light, Jon <3