24 June 2019

Celia Fenn Update ~ 24 June 2019


Source: Celia Fenn

Incoming cosmic radiation waves are off the scale at the moment.

I haven't felt energy this powerful for a long time, and its going to intensify into July and August.
Archangel Michael speaks about a very powerful ascension wave that will enter the planetary consciousness with the Lion's Gate in August and into 2020.

This wave will activate the codes for full soul embodiment, which means that any and all negativity still in the body will need to be released so that the soul can fully embody in the physical form.

This means that the physical body will be in an intense process of clearing along the time lines, focussing on collective and individual ancestral time lines and healing.

As we recognize that we are all One, we understand that we have the power to shape time and space and to heal collective distorted beliefs and programs that hold us back.

So, we can expect that we will feel this in the physical body and on the emotional and mental levels.

It is important now to focus on self care and to keep the body as comfortable as possible as we work with these powerful waves into July and August.

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