11 June 2019

Gateway Open – Upcoming Planetary Assignment 13 June ~ Broder Bilal ~ 11 June 2019

Source: Broder Bilal

First picture shows strange anomaly at the time of last sessions with around 500 joined in a group work at a Gateway Influx with all intention combined produce an odd “energy beam” in the readings of Shulman Resonance Spectrum.

Second pictures shows a VERY HIGH Amplitude on 260 in the green scale – also in the timeframe of last session. Normal spikes in the reading - when an energy “wave” can be felt by many can show up to 40 in the green scale as on 3 - 4 June when two energy “waves” was felt around the World, showed in the third picture.

When a Gateway Influx starts where high ionized solar streams enters - for us to we feel stronger energetic connection to the Star. With the Gateway Influxes our senses becomes heightened – creating more energy in our Awareness – Amplifying Our Intentions.

Joining as a large team at the time of a Gateways passage is creating greater energetic impact.
Many are working with raising the Collective Awareness – This can also be done by connecting subtle Plasma link from Stars into the organic grid-systems – presenting it to the Collective Mind of Humanity.

Those ready for more Teamwork – Assisting in Planetary Ascension process can join the Gatekeeping and Grid-Work as a team on wider scale.

We have an incoming Plasma link to connect to Grid-systems on 13 June:
* 3:30 pm (15:30) Swedish Time
* 6:30 am Pacific time (PDT)
* 9:30 am Eastern time (EDT)
* 2:30 pm British time (BST)
* 11:30 pm Sydney, Austr. (AEST)

Session will be protected - Lasting 15 Minutes.

Use the Intent to connect to 8:D Council located in Saturn for connecting this energy link to Grid-systems.

Timezone Converter in comment section.
Brother Bilal

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