26 June 2019

Lemuria & Atlantis ~ Broder Bilal ~ 25 June 2019

I feel that this message is a potential activation or trigger for healing to occur. The Atlantean Trauma is one of the  major aspects that's intricately entwined in our Planetary and Humanity's Ascension and Cosmic Reset.

Source: Broder Bilal

Grateful and Tearful to reconnect with you Brothers and Sisters of Atlantean and Lemurian Era.

All those Beautiful Memories we ones had - to became the same Beautiful Memories ones again will Created.

Thinking or feeling on our Ancient History brings many tears and connections beyond what can be understood.

A Deep and Tearful apologize to all Lemurian Brothers and Sister on behalf the Atlantean Society for the things we did and the destruction we brought to you.

The Core of Atlantis needed to be destroyed before the whole planet also got infected by the wicked ones from our continent.

The great deal of pain and emotional trauma this caused to many will be Healed – we will Heal it together for the Creation of a New Era without any misuse of power or crystal technology.

We will now bring the Ancient Songs back to Life.

Brother Bilal