11 June 2019

Occult Manipulation ~ Gigi Young ~ 10 June 2019

Gigi Young's post is referring to recent DT tweets about going to Mars.

Source: Gigi Young

The AI agenda of merging man and machine is a mimicry of organic human intuitive ability. Humans have the ability to access universal mind, it is called claircognizance. There is no need to hook up to a machine to process information faster. There are no short cuts.

This agenda happened long ago on #Mars and the planet did not survive, it only sunk deeper into heaviness, making it even more difficult to sense ones higher-self. We are facing a similar path now where we must pass this test. We must choose organic development through the heart.

#Atlantis encapsulated this battle in a more concise form. #Venus being the future organic evolution, #Mars being the shadow, the sickness we must overcome. We did not pass that test, we fell. We must pass it now. We must come back to the earth and back to organic evolution.
With this in mind, why are politicians mentioning #Mars?

Could it be that they are possessed by the sickness that we could not rid in Atlantis? Do they want to build a regressive chain of devolution by summoning that path now?

The occult level is the most hidden level in society on purpose, it is the most valuable level of control for those in power. The planets are key in occult rituals. And guess what? We are taking part in one right now and no one realizes it!

Will the public physical visitation of #Mars solidify a dark connection?

We need to begin applying our spiritual power and discernment to social issues that threaten our sovereignty. This is why we develop our spiritual power, to develop a healthy future on this planet. We must become aware of the blatant occult operations happening around us.

We must discuss these matters to de-potentiate them. We must connect with our hearts, which is the portal to the highest timeline for Man. And we must let go of division and be kind to one another so that we are not exhausted and blinded by perpetual trauma. No more occult manipulation of the public!

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