21 June 2019

Solstice Message from Tim Whild ~ 21 June 2019

Source: Tim Whild

Happy Summer or Winter Solstice wherever you are on our beautiful planet!

Today is the perfect day to set your energies to align with the highest frequencies and to receive this new Light into your reality.

On a frequency level the Earth is 'surging' again with an increase in the tangible vibrations, and I know everyone is feeling it. Me too!

The most effective way to align yourself is to keep your mind clear of lower frequency distractions and to focus on exactly what you wish to experience. Breathe in peace, exhale love and be focused with your intentions...Master Saturn is watching 😉

I started my day by setting up a grid to anchor in the new energies from the Great Central Sun, with the intention to create a pillar of Light that will spread as far as it needs to.

It is also a great time to put your crystals out for a good re-charge as they will absorb all of the incoming (high) vibrations and amplify them permanently.

Sending you all lots of love ☀️🧡


  1. Solstice greeting from glastonbury.. thought i,d make a cauldron, this holy day.stir ir a bit, to get out of my mind.. placed in, essence of moonlight. Dolop of higherself effervesent laughter. Dawn corus. Cup of joy, and abundance. Perfume of flowers. A double rainbow. Blue, Sky light... gave a good stir with my silver spooon. It bubbled and boiled by the solstice su . Just in time.3.54 for solstice tea, moving to cancer. Nice to get out my mind, into holy hot cancer water... would you like to share a cup, or give it a stir

  2. Oooh Linda....I would so love to share a cup, thank you so much! I know it's past Solstice, but I'll move back in time to join you, and yes, also give it a stir to add a huge spark of Diamond Light and Love from my High Heart <3

    This is beautiful, thank you and Blessings!