24 June 2019

SR Reading....and Upgraded?

Space Observing System
Just a very quick note about not so much the SR Reading, but what I felt post-2019 June Solstice.

Due to a major family commitment, I had to be "out there" yesterday (Sunday, 24th) for about 4 hours. (Thank you for your condolences, they are gratefully received 💜) This was after 4 days of being cocooned in my own home sanctuary, so I did feel more equipped energetically to face the experience, which required me to be stuck in the most crowded mall in the city.

Wow, what an experience! I don't enjoy being in a crowded place for more than necessary, like many others, but yesterday was really something else. I came back with a mild degree of battlefield stress, but there was, well, really something else.

I couldn't comprehend what I felt. Yes, out of sorts and somewhat dazed, and yet.....  I didn't want to process it because I knew I would come up blank. So I just let it go.

Today, I retrieved it from my Pensieve and within literally one moment, understood what I was feeling. (Please remember though, this is purely my understanding and I have no wish of proclaiming it to be Truth.)

The Collective Consciousness has shifted! It went up a notch or two. That's why instead of being shell-shocked after 4 hours of exposure, I was only mildly stressed. EVERYONE I interacted with was nice. The huge mall was packed, noisy, and had lots of in-house events going on all over. But I wasn't traumatised even after 4 hours of going through all of this.

There's another thing that came to me today. The Collective Consciousness has upgraded....and so have we!  We went up a notch or two as well! YAYYYY, HUMANITY OF PLANET EARTH!! 💖💝 H.O.P.E.

I don't know when exactly these shifts occurred but hey, who cares, as long as we've gone up😍

Namaste and Blessings!

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