12 June 2019

The 3 Phases of Crystalline DNA Activation with Sandra Walter ~ Quantum Conversations with Lauren Galey ~ 4 June 2019

Please listen in here.

The three phases of DNA Activation are:
* Healing ~ Heart coherence
* Conscious preparation of the body ~ detox, clearing, visualisation, programming
* Unity Consciousness and Heart Centeredness.

Sandra Walter explains that the Human template enables the being to access all 12 dimensions. This is also the premise behind Judy Satori's "Sunshine Before the Dawn", the story of the creation of the new Human template which would allow the vessel to exist in all 12 dimensions of this Galaxy.

Sandra also identifies the year 2020 as an important year for Ascension, and believes in what she calls "The Big Kabamm" (aka Solar Flash, Galactic Superwave, The Big One....) ~ the trigger for Collective DNA Activation higher consciousness. Very interesting that other sources (such as Aluna Ash, Judy Satori, Jason Estes, Maureen Moss) also point to 2020 as a focal point.

There's a Crystalline DNA Meditation at the 33-minute mark.

Learn more about this episode: bit.ly/sandrawalter

Access Sandra Walter's Special Offer and programs: bit.ly/wayshower

Enjoy this video Quantum Conversation with Ascension Wayshower Sandra Walter from the High Energy Vortex of Sedona, AZ. This video was conducted during the Crystalline Convergence meeting where Sandra shared her latest insights on Crystalline DNA and how that is now being verified by scientific researchers of Heart Coherence. Being in a loving, coherent state is actually activating our crystalline DNA.

This off-the-beaten path video shares the high-vibrational experience with you too from the Nature Spirit-filled red rocks of Sedona.

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