28 June 2019

Yellow Protection ~ Don Tolman ~ 26 June 2019

This was shared by Mark Bajerski, and I thought it would be helpful ~ based on the trust that this works ~ in view of what's unfolding in some parts of the world. To me, wearing yellow is like the "magic colour" that can instantly uplift my vibe. It's like how Citrine works as well. A dear Soul told me years ago to plant yellow flowers because it's a "happy colour". She was right 💛

Source: Don Tholman

I have helped hundreds to cover their smart meters in Yellow bags or yellow rubbish bins and they are stunned that they can sleep and don’t feel the EMF impact. I will protect you from 5G too. Finally a building in Perth did it. Enlarge the photos I’ve added and read about how Albert Einstein and my Uncle Richard Tolman discovered the powers of the color yellow to shift toxic EMF’s to totally safe. This is also why the Sun is yellow and is totally Safe. Bullshit Pharma says the Sun causes cancers and that’s a lie. It’s finally coming out that it is safe. Pharma Sunscreen causes cancers.

Yellow shifts the energy to True Blue meaning SAFE. Stare at the flag for 1 minute then look at a white wall and notice the color shift.

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