25 June 2019

Tim Whild Update ~ 25 June 2019

Source: Tim Whild

3D Earth School was a challenging learning platform and one of the fastest places in the Universe to progress on a soul level. As we move through the 4D window we are being asked to return to a state of powerful innocence.

Everyone choosing to stay on Earth has a vital role in the ascension process here.
Nearly 8 billion people populate this planet at varying degrees of awareness, and will eventually discover their own power.

Things may seem to be getting pretty lively out there at the moment, and the 4d matrix energies force the old patterns of imbalance to correct themselves.

Always search for magic and miracles and they will appear as fast as you allow them.

Remember to let the breath within your physical being continue to flow, and stay grounded into the spirit of Gaia.

These are three energies that I use to start my day, setting my intention with focus....The Christed Mahatma, the Aquarian Ascension energies, and the Gold Ray of Christ.

Invocation (spoken out loud or in your head)

‘I ‘name’ choose to accept and integrate a full illumination of The Aquarian Ascension Energies, the Higher Mahatma, and the Gold Ray of Christ into my four body system.

I allow the full presence of my Highest Self to embrace my pathway to Source.

I AM A Walking Master of Light!’

(Repeat 3 times)

It Is So

Photo credits to https://web.facebook.com/saintsmadmomma73/

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