21 July 2019

Amanda Lorence Update ~ 20 July 2019

You're in the arms of the Angel, may you find some comfort here

Source: Amanda Lorence

For new family here...I wake up singing every morning, always a message in the song from HIGHER SELF to my human path...But, it can sometimes just be, a Message for our Collective. I share when it's a COLLECTIVE message/Song.

Song: Angel
By: Sarah McLachlan

This song, a NOW TIMELINE Collective Message relates and synchronises to the TIMELINE that presents for many, to accept, look at, realise and thus rise, from THE LACK OF SELF WORTH, many chose to experience this lifetime. You experienced this opposite, to then, at your PERFECT juncture, rise OUT of. It is necessary, during our path, to clear this, for we can not rise into and BE-COME all that we are, holding on to any distortion. It was just an experience.

Once all distortions are CLEAR, we rise OUT of the dream, illusion, hologram. Yes, we still have our human body to utilise in order to be participating in the Dream. But our consciousness, as the Knower, is not in the dream. We can then become, the Creator of our Dream, in full Awareness of what we are and how it all works.

So, if this song brings any tears...allow that release out. Because it’s a pure divine message in the song presenting NOW, to acknowledge and admit IT IS SOON TIME, to clear once and for all, the Lack of Self Worth. Knowing you are so close to YOUR HEALING. I will do a FB Live to help. And my love and passion for this is soooo strong, I KNOW, I will help and yes, activate via energy, any that are READY, to do their work, on themselves, and heal. It is YOU that heals YOU. It can not be any other way to achieve actual SELF REALISATION. So I will just be assisting, offering the energy of LOVE in a safe space.

Date of FB LIVE to be announced, when I know. Keep going...YOU are so worth it! Every cell you are is worthy... of ALL that you TRULY ARE!

PS. “Fly Away” in the song lyrics (not “Far Away which is a typo in the video lyrics), FLY AWAY denotes rising out of the Dream.

One Love,
Amanda Lorence
20 July 2019
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