22 July 2019

Amanda Lorence Update ~ 22 July 2019

Source: Amanda Lorence

The MIND will always seek to know “What, When, Why and HOW?”. From a state of separation of the Eternal Knowing.

In FULL surrender to our HEART, we only need to make a CLEAR and CONSISTENT CHOICE. For that choice to be delivered unto you. That which we are, in our PREDOMINANT thoughts, words and acts...we magnetise unto ourselves. For our individualised holographic realty experience.

TRUST the process. We all have the SAME process to work through, just different, individual scenarios to experience by. It’s all perfectly designed to raise each one higher and higher until each step out of the illusion. It’s perfect. Each step higher, and we raise our own consciousness higher in frequency ONLY by looking at OUR own self within, at our own triggers, pains, distortions and belief systems engrained within the lower consciousness we are designed to let go of. We don’t take any distortion with us. See within or resist looking? It isn’t possible to be unconditional love (5D+), whilst BEING love WITH conditions with false, limiting belief systems (3D/4D).

At certain and perfect individual stage we step OUTSIDE of the dream. This in itself takes plenty of human time to integrate and adjust to. Take your own time; there is no rush, for there is only the perfection of it all revealed, one beautiful step of realisation, at a time. Once integrated, we are ready to become the awake, aware, Creators. As the KNOWER and Creator, outside of the holographic dream reality.
One Love,
Amanda Lorence
💙22💙 July 2019

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