27 July 2019

Amanda Lorence Update ~ 26 July 2019

Source: Amanda Lorence

Let this day be remembered...26 July 2019...HUMANS now begin to BE CONSCIOUSNESS first, with a physical human body.

It is easy and clear for all awakened to say, that each human being’s awakening process, has been guiding each, thus building, shifting each, step by step since 2012. It’s a VERY individual and unique process for each, UPON a Collective Galactic Timeline.

The HIGHEST objective for each SOUL has been an internal human one; to raise the energetic frequency of the human being that perceived separated state. By personal and human inner work, to see and thus dissolve all former mind patterning that we can ascribe to the 3rd and 4th dimensional bandwidth of energies. After we clear lower (Hz) frequency programmes that embedded and cycled, that created repeated patterns of mental, emotional and physical experiences in our solid holographic realities, we SHIFT, one stage at a time, in our HUMAN energetic frequency. These shifts raise two things for our human experience:
1] Raise the energetic frequency/vibration of the PHYSICAL human body.
2] Move the ‘human’ one step closer to become, a CONSCIOUS AWARENESS, that ‘resides’ outside of the human vessel and holographic reality.

We can hear, read, quote several human phases that have been perfectly placed within our minds during this ‘ascension’ process. Such as “I AM Consciousness with a physical vessel” and also, “Being in the world but not of it”. 26 July 2019 marks the start of being primarily, FIRST and foremost, CONSCIOUSNESS experiencing and operating a human vessel.
“Ascension” can be perceived, as the raising of our energetic frequency, yet also a perception of descension of the:
1: HIGHER SELF becoming the human mindset
2: SOUL integrating INTO our awareness within and around the human experience and form.
3: CONSCIOUSNESS becoming our PRIMARY state of BEING.

Each of the above changes are embodiment stages, designed for us all. Always in parallel with us each looking at, and OWNING our inner patterns of our own mind, that we agreed to experience. We realise, via our Self Realisation stages, that ALL is our unique Self Created Reality and perspective. To negate complete Self Responsibility of our thoughts, words and actions, that ALL are an ENERGY and FREQUENCY emitted, is to just negate ourselves and our very own Ascension/Descension. To blame another, to take the ego’s high road, is to be the one not looking within, but looking without, fully immersed IN the Dream. And thus, lack of self responsibility of one’s thoughts, words, and actions, creates by divine design, a repeat cycle to gift again, what has not been seen, owned, cleared and LOVED UNCONDITIONALLY. We each reach stages within “Ascension/Descension” at uniquely designed, most perfect and beautiful timing. Remember, our Soul HAS chosen certain experiences here, that have to be played out, experienced. So we can want to ascend, yet our SOUL has designed other experiences to be had first, before another higher energetic stage is to be reached. It’s all perfect. There is no hierarchy, no better than, no one less than, except that perception experienced via the mind that still may override the human experience.

Each stage, or shift WITHIN ourselves, is a starting point of more integration, for that SPECIFIC and FOCUSED STAGE of embodiment. It’s all an inside job. And infinite. Ever expanding. If we choose to be the open mind and the open heart portal.

In terms of the GALACTIC TIMELINE we are all a part of (whether known or not known), we have, as humanity awakening, reached a HUGE and significant juncture at 26 July 2019. We can say we have always been continually building to this momentous stage. But the last few weeks can now easily be SEEN, as massive CHOICE points for Forerunners. I don’t like to use the label “Forerunners” at all, as it can create a feeling in some, of Lack. But the reality is, some human beings have volunteered to do this first, then more human beings do, and more and so on, a dominoes effect, until it becomes the CHANGE of the world, and the NEW norm. The more that reach higher frequency, the easier and fast it is for others, as all our energy is also a part of the whole and human Collective Energy. I mention “Forerunners” only because, it is NOW, precisely ON the Galactic Timeline, 26 July 2019, that the Forerunners embody to become, CONSCIOUSNESS. They have shifted. And are NOW aware they are “Consciousness, with a physical vessel”. This is the start point, for them to NOW become more and more of “that”. Integrate that. Allow Consciousness to permeate their living state and become that STATE of Awareness FIRST, the human vessel being ADDITIONAL; a solid vessel they can operate and experience from, act from, create with, in the solid reality. So whilst many around the world will be experiencing this CONSCIOUSNESS shift that has been building for some weeks, it’s early stage of this INNER CHANGE that is occurring.

Meanwhile, the ascension goes on for humanity, as more and more NOW awaken. This will soar from 8.8, the Lion’s Gate. For others awakened, many are gifted starkly, MORE scenarios, MORE experiences, via people, circumstances and events, to CHOOSE their perception and reaction, to observe their OWN JUDGMENTS of the OUTSIDE (dream/illusion/holographic reality) to then look WITHIN any remaining old programming that their Higher Self wishes to be seen, and cleared, for their further energetic rise. The aim, always, to raise each human’s energetic frequency and become the change, as the Consciously Aware Human Energética. An integrated and equal part of the ONE. Living, experiencing, creating, BEING, an integrated presence within the collective.

There is nothing to loose, except old programming WITHIN, that limits and contains each within the hologram, and restricts their human and soul experience, creating repeat physical experiential cycles as a result of the engrained mental behaviour they agreed to transcend. There is everything to gain, by simply, daily, always observing our reactions, inner thoughts, words spoken, and actions of our own choices made.

As each human raises in energetic frequency. As each become primarily, Conscious Awareness, and get use to it, allow it to integrate and expand more and more, naturally so, no force...we become “The Change”. A change this holographic reality has not experienced before as a Collective Human Race.

It takes courage to decide and choose to find YOU by looking only at our self. It takes INITIAL courage to BE that newer version to the world, family, friends, partners etc. But then...when you realise it’s all YOU, no courage is actually needed. Just your desire, to BE, your purest, latest version, that is never ending in it’s own Self Realisation. To not be, is to deny our own Self. You are ALL.

Knowing, that the only energetic frequency that assists our rise, is the energetic frequency, we call “LOVE”. And why “LOVE” has been humanities fascination and desire to be sought and found. As we embody more and more energy, thus more awareness, we learn that LOVE is an energy frequency, that has higher and higher, never ending divine values and understandings, that we can embody and become... to ourselves and to ALL THAT IS. As One.

26 July 2019, marks the beginning of CONSCIOUSNESS becoming US. It has begun. Gratitude to ALL.

One Love,
Amanda Lorence
26 July 2019

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