28 July 2019

Amanda Lorence Update ~ 27 July 2019

Source: Amanda Lorence

Bearing in mind...EVERYTHING IS US...
It’s time to explain more about this TIMELINE, that will only unfold and amplify throughout, as we proceed, onwards from this point in the Galactic Mass Timeline. Some awakened human beings, are BRIDGE-HOLDERS. They can be bridges between the animal kingdom, plant kingdom, Gaia, elemental kingdom, a specific Galactic Star System, an over-residing bridge-holder for multiple Star Nations, Galaxies, and also Source/Creator. A human can also be a multiple bridge-holder. Whichever type of bridge some may be, there is no “better than/less than”, it’s just a role. Others are not bridge-holders, because they play another role. Again, there is no “better than/less than” or hierarchy in a Consciousness of Oneness and Unity.

This post touches on Galactic, due to the Galactic Timeline that continues to unfold:

We will see this step up, incrementally, a little at a time now. It’s from this NOW timeline that those that Serve as Galactic Bridges, receive far more within, learn, adjust, grow, enhancing wisdom, via their already embodied INTEGRITY, a TIMELY interaction with energetics we can label Galactic and Angelic. But first some context:

It is true to say, during awakening, we may individually connect to one or several galactic beings or star systems. Each ‘human’ awakening path is different and perfect. Bare in mind, the objective of each’s awakening is to EMBODY higher and higher energy, in order to integrate and become their NEUTRAL, HIGHER ENERGETIC of embodied Higher Self, Soul, and Consciousness, whilst retaining the HUMAN solid vessel. We align our physical, mental, emotional and etherical bodies during our awakening processes/stages. Contact with our Galactic brethren, during early stage awakening can be fascinating, exciting, exhilarating. It can also, in truth become a great distraction to the HUMAN process of empowering from within the human. Because at early stage awakening and indeed during our ascension process, we are all still seeing and clearing distorted programming of the mind we can label as 3D and 4D mindset, that contains false fear based programming. Fear is an energetic frequency of multiple energetic frequencies. So if a person holds fear, they will attract fear based scenarios, in their human life situations and in non physical, astral exchanges. If people choose (there’s no right or wrong choice) to interact during their awakening with non solid energies, it’s wise to just use discernment.

Here’s a few tips:
1] To know that any encounter that creates fear within you, is showing you there is a fear based human mind pattern within your human, to look at, and clear, if you choose to.
2] If astral connection is confusing at the time, and you can not discern if the energy is benevolent or malevolent, go within, in that moment, and FEEL how you FEEL. Everything is energy and therefore frequency based. If it’s benevolent, you will FEEL within you an over-residing, HUGE presence everywhere, of PURE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. It will fill the whole field and your experience. If it is malevolent, it will feel within you, either fearful, or at best, uncomfortable, disconcerting. Bare in mind, we attract ALL our experiences from the astral plane. So if you experience fear based or at best uncomfortable galactic experience, there is a deeper reason, within your human mind patterning, that if looked at, will free you from that pattern. As we free ourselves of fear and any inner distortions (false programming), we attract higher and higher frequency experiences, to our solid world experience and any non solid reality experiences.
3] A galactic being, or group of beings, will NEVER ask you to do something. They will never offer you a compromise of “If you do this, we will do that for you”. Or “If you help us, we will help you”. This breaks the Universal Light Law of Free Will. It also, ultimately disempowers you. And places you under outside influence, and power over you. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE has NO conditions. It just gives.

4] Benevolent Galactic beings, will always just show you data, teach you, give you wisdoms, out of body experiences, and ALWAYS in an overall residing energy you can FEEL, of PURE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

At early awakening stage, and during our awakening, we can easily receive various Galactic connections and experiences. Yet because we have not fully embodied the “Human” at that stage, the shear human fascination with the NON PHYSICAL, can side track the human from seeking to clear out actual human conditioning and programming. And so, distracted, work on the human can be negated, until it isn’t. Until more clarity of what we are here to do first, is understood. To clear the human, take the main road home (main trunk of the tree as opposed to a side branch), embody wisdoms, become that INTEGRITY, that sees the bigger picture, that is far bigger.

My role(s) have never been and isn’t, to focus on a specific detail of OUR divine unfoldment and all that entails. I always am viewing the bigger picture. Knowing very early in my own awakening, I was to focus primarily on EMBODIMENT first, from just within me. There is no judgement here. None. EVERY SINGLE path, awake or unawakened is designed specifically for them. All adds to the whole storyline, perfectly so, and is EQUAL. And there are many that have come here to share with humanity, absolute INTRICATE details, via their experiences, of galactic knowledge. This is part of their role. I personally just held to my own path knowings, my “role” being always a focus on the WHOLE bigger, from early awakening stage. It’s just a role. I also knew certain things: one, that there would come a TIMELINE where my connections to certain star systems would become more significant. Not for me personally, but for our Collective Galactic Timeline.

So whilst I chose intentionally not to become a Channel or to initially or intentionally interact with galactics, I have been shown at perfect timings of my own awakening process, certain bigger picture truths, knowledge, wisdoms, sights, interactions, from various beings of “Angelic” and “Galactic” energies. Whilst I have been through earlier initiation stages on Sirius, other energies have been with me: The Star Council of Lemurians that resides on the Orión belt, the EIohim, The Light known as 22, other various energies human beings label as certain “Masters”. The OVERALL energetic that has been supporting me, watching over me, gifting me certain energies and loving support at KEY STAGES of my process, is the OVER-RESIDING energy of LYRA. I have not shared too much on any of this, it being personal and sometimes confusing, during my own path and inner progress of development. The reason I am explaining all this NOW, is in order to share MORE as OUR Collective Timelines develop and unfold together as a Collective. So one PART of my role is as a bridge between humanity and galactic/angelic. LYRA came in on 22 JULY 2019, this week, because it was correct time for my free will choice, to NOW allow free-flow connection with Lyra and various other energies we label as “Galactic and Angelic’. These in truth, are just labels. For in truth, it is ALL US.

There will be a human collective INCREASE in data, information, from human beings worldwide, from August, or September, of Galactic and Angelic experiences, channelings and connections. It is just so so wise, to use our discernment, choosing what to put our energy too. Your own perception IS your empowerment. And yet, we never know the whole picture. None of us do.

Pieces of our puzzle join up for us, as we embody more and more. Where others can simply support, and have the courage to share from a space of neutrality and Love for the Whole. Or, we can choose/allow our own self to be disempowered via any inner fears or another’s we choose to absorb. Know there is fear based sharing. Fear, is just a lack of knowing of JUST another higher ENERGETIC truth. A fear can be seen and cleared if the person chooses. All choices are honoured, equal. It’s just individual choice playing out here. The ultimate truth, is that the whole of this MASS HUMAN AND GALACTIC/ANGELIC STORYLINE, is bigger than THAT.

And actually bathed in a vast, pure, perfection. Where there is no separation. Only the illusion of it. Until that is dissolved. It is ALL YOU, having a human experience, via a story that is both collective and individual. You have a human vessel, yet beyond that, you are CONSCIOUSNESS, that resides outside of the hologram, with a vessel that can play in it. And embodiment, allows that idea to become a KNOWING. Then, it becomes you.

Please discard anything that does not resonate to your path. It’s all perfect.

Enjoy yourself...be free...within and without.

Amanda Lorence
27 July 2019

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