29 July 2019

Amanda Lorence Update ~ 28 July 2019

"Walking in the Air" ~ one of my favourite "alternate" songs for the Christmas period.

Source: Amanda Lorence


We are ALL accelerating, data opening up in our awareness, becomes extremely fast paced. More and more puzzle pieces gifted along our path, join up. Yet as puzzle pieces join, that very effect of joining the pieces together, creates even MORE expansion, of ENERGY: in the mind, the body and the soul. Which means, more ‘new’ knowings, data, understandings. Which then raises our energetic frequency. And so we accelerate. It’s continuous as everything effects everything, so a shift within, creates more and more acceleration, data unpackaged, changes us within, awareness increases, so more acceleration comes. It truly IS a SPIRAL! But now faster. As our conscious awareness expands, our energy rises, which MEANS, we experience FASTER, higher Hz energy.

Some of you saw the FB LIVE explaining ‘How Consciousness Works’, dates 25 July 2019 here. In it, I showed the below (Grace: image above) graphic I created in 2014 called ‘Consciousness’. I mentioned that I did not know what the GAPS signified between Light Nodes, or what the Light Nodes that were only PARTLY present, represented. For anyone interested in CONSCIOUSNESS, I highly recommend watching the video.

Because today, I have awoken with a sudden KNOWING of what the GAPS mean, as well as what the PART Light Nodes are. This has then led to far more data being unpackaged within, that joins up the classical scientific approach/enquiry of our solid universe of matter/non matter, to the world of quantum physics. I’m super excited as the data bridges the missing piece of knowledge, between SOLID and ETHERICAL. It will explain our shared HOLOGRAM. It makes sense of various puzzle pieces received and experienced physically and etherically these last 7 years. I will therefore do another FB Live at some point, as a continuation of this previous FB LIVE. So if you haven’t managed to yet watch “HOW CONSCIOUSNESS WORKS”, the LIVE on CONSCIOUSNESS and THE HOLOGRAM I will do, will be more difficult to follow. It takes a LEAP!!! I’ve no idea when I’ll do the LIVE on this as our collective timeline is now so fast-paced for us all. In truth, the informational data doesn’t matter, what matters is always...OUR energy frequency (Hz).

Most important, NOW...is to stay grounded, and allow FLOW of within and without. And give yourself YOUR space and time for you to INTEGRATE your energy, shifts and own data received. Genuine heart-based family and friends will still be there after any major integration time you need for yourself. They too, will also need their own space at their key periods on their own timelines. Allowing space for each human is so key; something humanity is still learning about, yet typically inherent within our advance civilisations.

We have so got this Shift! Amazing times to be here with ALL and beloved Gaia.

One Love
Amanda Lorence
28 July 2019


For new family here...I wake up singing every morning, always a message in the song from HIGHER SELF to my human path...But, it can sometimes be, a Message for our Collective. I share when it's a COLLECTIVE message/Song.

Song: Walking In The Air
By: Jackie Evancho

This song, completely ‘out of the BLUE πŸ’™’, presented today, relates to our current NOW TIMELINE. The song relates specifically to the current and major shift in becoming CONSCIOUSNESS, that I have written about. I have recently spoken about ‘how’ Consciousness works on the FB LIVE dated 25 July 2019.

This NOW accelerated Consciousness Shift has STARTED, and will keep EXPANDING very quickly, for the individual, once it has ignited from WITHIN them.

A COLLECTIVE SHIFT in becoming ‘the awareness’ of being ‘Consciousness with a physical vessel’, will continue to occur one at a time, yet as part of this Collective Timeline that has arrived. The human shift being directly related to Gaia’s own shift.

Enjoy the lyrics of the song, presented NOW as energetic awareness, quantum style...The words, are HUGELY significant throughout the song.

One Love,
Amanda Lorence
28 July 2019
πŸ’™ 2 2 πŸ’™ 

(Link to video)

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