11 July 2019

Anchor of Inter Planetary Divinity Codes in our Planet ~ Yukia Azorah Sandara ~ 11 July 2019

Source: Yukia Azorah Sandara

Anchor of Inter Planetary Divinity Codes in our Planet

Beloved Family,
Embodiment complete of awesome Peru Sacred Work within as
frequency in higher octaves have merged the Soul parts
with the Planetary Soul in the Physical Reality.
Earth 's Planetary Grids are now uniting with
the Cosmic Grids.

The Cosmic ocean of our Planet is mirroring the some movement ;
the fluidity within our own state of Grace , Love and Joy anchored in the Human Template .

We are re -designing
the New Architecture of Reality as a Divine Being in full Communion.

Deep appreciation to beautiful gifted Star Souls Michael White Feather-Nilaaya for co creating this expression of love, Light-Walkers Walking Each Other Home for editing the video & audio and collating all the Light Codes with Love , so All those that did not participate, too, can take part in this Journey of Purification, Expansion and Healing Of our Planet.

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Infinite Love,
Yukia Azorah Sandara

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