22 July 2019

Broder Bilal Update ~ 21 July 2019

Source: Broder Bilal

Some have asked how to contribute to the Planetary service and how to do it.

First and the most important thing to know, you are already doing it and are so Loved for that. By just coming here and beings yourself. Be happy, be sad, be Human. It about the experience to be Human on Earth.

When you sleep, that’s when most of the work been done. Many times you are doing it with me or other’s in group work, even if you do not remember. We have done that together for years now.

You will start to remember this and We Thank You for all that you have done.

Other do it in awaken state.

When doing it in awaken state, there is a short expansion of the energy in Consciousness. Breathing becomes different and the body is almost on automode. Work is done by the Whole Being with the inner feelings. You can still use inner visualization, but it is the Purer Higher Feelings Inside that hold the amount of energy.

To work with the energies of higher feelings we have to be somehow detached from the Earthly drama and emotions.

We will shortly cover those Inner Techniques as well.

It is about being yourself, then will you Shine Bright as the Stars in the Skies that been guiding Humanity. You all are Equally Important and Equally Loved - Building own Castles in the Heavens.

You all are Leaders of yourselves guiding other’s with Passion.

Brother Bilal

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