19 July 2019

Bubble of Light ~ Judith Kusel ~ 18 July 2019

Gold-speckled Platinum Light is something I find helpful as well.

Source: Judith Kusel

We all have an energy field around our physical body, which looks like an egg. It is referred as the aura or the auric energy fields.

However, we have four bodies (four of the original 12, which get reactivated the higher our vibrational frequencies rise and the higher our evolutionary state of Being). The physical body, has the smallest energy field, followed by the emotional body, the Mental body and the spiritual body. The Spiritual is the largest and in some, who fully are activated spiritually, this energy field can stretch out for a kilometer or more. 

The energy fields have SENSORS and thus these sensors will give you constant feedback of all the energy fields you encounter and interact with. Not only people, but the environment as well and even Mother Earth and all her energy fields.

If you are super-sensitive like me, you will read the energy fields of others, even subconsciously, and you will know who is angry, who is depressed, happy, etc. Most of this is subconscious, and not conscious. If have empathy with all living creatures, this will be exasperated, and you will often want to help them, or heal them and then will pull in their energies into your own field- which gives you an overload of energies, which are not your own. This can drain your energy and make you feel stressed out and depressed, or out of sorts for no reason.

Some people are energy vampires, (they may not even be aware of it) and when they sense your energy fields being higher than theirs, will want to zap it or steal it from you. HAve you ever had your bubble burst when you were happy, and someone just drowned your happiness away in an instant?

If we do not put protective bubbles around our energy fields, we will be influenced by other people and our environment and the more sensitive you are, the less you will be able to cope, with the constant draining away of your own energy. 

When there are holes in your energy fields, this allows lesser or lower entities to become virus like and zap your energy away.

You need to repair these energies fields every so often. I will not go into methods here, as I teach my students this.

There is a very easy way of helping yourself, which is simply to learn to bubble up, morning and night,and whenever you feel the need to do this.

Simply ask the angels or Archangels or your higher guides or the Divine if you choose, to put a bubble of golden light around you. The Golden Light is one the highest frequency lights, that of Christedness and the angelic realms, and it will filter out all which is not of the highest Christed Light to enter your energy fields. Of course, you may choose any colour you like, but know that some colours absorb energy and do not shield it out. 

Blinding White light is the highest frequency light there is, and the most pure and powerful. Most people though cannot handle the white light, and the golden light may be a better option for them, until they are able to raise their own vibrational frequency to that purity level.

Teach your children this from a very early age, and if they are too small as yet, ask the angels to do this for them.

You will be so grateful you helped them in this regard, for it will help them to cope with life.

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