12 July 2019

Crystalline Corridor: Earthquakes and Gateways ~ Sandra Walter ~ 11 July 2019

Sandra Walter has advised that this article is intended for Gatekeepers, Gridworkers and Lightworkers who work with Gaia. It's my opinion that this article is too important to be limited to any category, and recommend that it be read by all, or at least by those who align with the message/frequency.

I have a few personal comments to make, so please check below for the first part of the article or go to Sandra's site right now to read if you wish to skip them :)

Just about an hour before I read this excellent article from Sandra, I was thinking about butterflies, and reflected on the Butterfly icon on my blog. Of course, the original purpose of my choosing that icon was to symbolically express the purpose of the blog ~ the Ascension process, the metamorphosis of the Human Race from a caterpillar into a Butterfly. But this morning, I kept hearing the word "Freedom". The freedom to fly, like a Butterfly, with fully embodied responsibility. Then I read this from Sandra, talking about Freedom Codes and Responsible Creation.

She also writes a bit more about the 2020 Timeline & acceleration, which has already begun. Also mentioned is that our Planet is redistributing her waters, something that I remember Steve Rother & The Group saying a while back, when I was following their information. Sandra also says, "As many have said, the planet herself may reveal more than any group or HUmans can", and this makes me recall that Emery Smith has pointed out that when the ice melts in the Antarctic, the humongous Mothership will be revealed to the world. Emery said Gaia herself is her own Disclosure.

Finally, I am aware that some sources have reported a massive and major dark base being taken out, attributing that to being the cause of the recent earthquakes in California. Sandra addresses that as well, indirectly.
This is the 2020 acceleration, we have been in it since June. Etheric first, physical second. The Ascension has already happened in the higher realms and is anchoring into these denser experiences. It becomes physicalized, just like our Embodiment. Gaia reflects expansion in the physical just as we do.
While the lesser realities still exist for as long as you need them, an important reminder for those who are swayed by suspicion and lower agenda propaganda: Stop. Falling. For. Old. Tricks.
This is the passage where the division amplifies, dear hearts. Lightworkers have subdued this side of the ring of fire for years. Let Gaia do what she needs to do with as much ease and grace as possible. Be a good friend and honor her intentions to change and expand, don’t hold her back because you want things to stay the same or feel safe. And please don’t empower drama or negative predictions. Be a responsible Creator and hold the highest possibility.
Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloveds ~

Note: This article is for Gatekeepers, Gridworkers and Lightworkers who work with Gaia. It is a heart-share on the last week’s unfoldments and may not be applicable to all journeys.

The Crystalline Corridor is a central channel of a huge area encompassing the Pacific Coast of the US and California. It reaches up through the volcanic legacy of Oregon and Washington. It branches into Nevada, Arizona, Utah, parts of Colorado, Kansas an Arkansas to the East where it anchors into the central crystal beds of North America. It also connects to the Hawaiian Islands to the West.

The Crystalline Corridor has several anchor points. Mount Shasta is the strongest of its multidimensional nodes, since it serves as a bridge between worlds and timelines. Shasta also houses Lemurian templates, records and beings who are in service to the Ascension. A triangulation occurs between Mount Shasta – Sedona – Southern California, and I have worked this area consistently since 2013.

Lemuria, or the lost continent of Mu, had a long and dramatic dismantling. Your perspective on those events depends on how you view the timelines, so I leave you to your own beliefs about what unfolded. The entire west coast of the US was formed during those events, some say half of North America is remnants of the land cracking, erupting, freezing, thawing and migrating until it merged for a moment into what we label as North America today.

The Crystalline Corridor bridges both Lemurian and Atlantean civilizations with the future trajectory of Ascension, for a complete resolution of those eras and the conflicts which arose on those timelines.

The key here is the Lemurian and Atlantean forethought (oh how clear we were back in the day) of how to preserve Christed timelines and outcomes for the Ascension. We employed the ability to etherically imprint ancient structures, crystal beds and aquifers with best-case-scenario triggers. Best case scenario: We wake up and remember where they are, and listen to the whispers of our past and future selves when guided to activate them.

Remember this planet is built for Ascension. Gaia’s primary elemental is water, and her most abundant mineral is silicon dioxide (crystal). Combine that with the extensive use of gold by Inner Earth folks, and the etheric portals, geometries and templates planted all over the Crystalline Corridor, and we have a very powerful amplifier for the Ascension.

This is what hundreds of Gridworkers and Gatekeepers have been activating over the last few years. This is why we plant/place crystals with that intent. This is why we go in the physical with our Gate-activating DNA to these remote areas. This is why we witness the miraculous – and receive confirmation from Gaia herself as these areas amplify.

The Undeniable Invitation: Why I was there for the Earthquake

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