10 July 2019

Dimensional Light Zones: Frequency, Coherence, StabilityMaureen Moss ~ 9 July 2019

Soul embodiment mentioned here as well, and bit more on 2020.

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Dimensional Light Zones

Frequency, Coherence, Stability

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When there is a frequency of Divine Harmony, Coherence and Oneness within ones body one is drawn then into the spiraling radiations of Universal Light moving you into the next Dimensional Light Zone.
—Maureen Moss

Beloved Hearts,


What a month behind us, in the midst of us, and coming up.


We are in the midst of an old earth passing, a new Heaven birthing, our Soul descending and the indwelling of God/dess in human form rising. Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.


Though certain dates were (are) ear-marked for specific ascension activity, each of those dates from the recent Solstice, to the Total Solar Eclipse, to the upcoming Lunar Eclipse and Lions Gate have heightened activity before, during and after each event.


There is a great need to stay present every day and every moment. Not because of what some reports say you have to look out for… though for what you have to be in present time for.


New Ascension Activity


Since the Solstice, we have taken quantum leaps in the Ascension process… a New Energetic Divine Signature has streamed from the Galactic Center into the Collective Mind of Humanity through the Highly Organized frequency waves and geometric Cosmic/Galactic patterns, shockwaves bombarded Earths electromagnetic field altering our own energetic structure as well, a New Cosmic Ground Crew from the office of the Christ began entering into earth bodies on Mt. Shasta on June 22/23 and massive plasma waves of God Consciousness entered the body consciousness for hours at a time June 29 & 30.


There have been days of extreme Bliss and others of great challenge requiring our attention.


All of this activity (up to this date,) has deleted our reference points and for many our deepest ideas of truth sending us spinning and spiraling up an entirely new evolutionary pathway whereby we must find new reference points, discover coherence and resonance with our Soul Self, become adept at stabilizing ourselves in the continuous new fields of our progressive existence, portals and gateways of energy we find ourselves confronted with, at the doorway of and immersed in.


At every portal, gateway and Universal bandwidth of dimensional energy there are ‘guards’ at the Sacred gates insuring that only those in a state of Holy-heartedness, self-coherence, stabilized frequency and internally unified, may pass through onto higher ground and deeper into the Infinite Way. 



Heading Into The 2020 Transition


I remember reading many years ago in the Keys of Enoch about when Earth and Humanity would at some point move into the cycle of Eternal Inheritance and Freedom.


That is the cycle we move into beginning in 2020.


It is the reason we are being so heavily prepared to carry our Consciousness across Light-Time Zones, as Metatron spoke in the Keys.


This key is to prepare the human race for the emergence of a new physical garment so that (HU)man can coordinate physical form with the similitude of the Second Adam Kadmon. (Human of great importance and New Significance.)


From this point on Beloveds it serves our Souls Embodiment as a future earth body Luminary to form an attuned grid…a cohesive frequency/Light field within our bodies, within our hearts, between our hearts and minds and body consciousness to be harmonious with the Elite multi-dimensional aspects of ourselves (meaning God/Goddess, Jeshua/Mary Magdalene, Isis, the Sirians/ Arturians etc.) and the coherent incoming energies behind the Laws of the Universe and the New Incredible Human forming.


A day will come, as my Sirian Council clearly shared with me, that the New Human will be able to extend themselves through many dimensions of Light in service to the many realms of Intelligence desiring to know the meaning of Life.



New Event

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Becoming Frequency Stabilized  


In Preparation for moving into the next Dimensional Time Zone, the Upcoming Accelerations, Eclipse & Lions Gate

Sunday, July 14, 2019


MP3 and Replay Available


The next two upcoming notable to date resets are on July 16/17 (Partial Lunar Eclipse,) and on August 8 whereby humanity will experience the most powerful Lions Gate to date.


On each of these dates (and leading up to and following,) humanity will experience great and rapid change in flashes, waves and massive influxes of Light/Ascension Codes for deeper Soul embodiment, limitless coherence with Self as well as inter-dimensional soul merging as we move into the next cycle, next dimensional time zone of Eternal Inheritance and Freedom beginning in 2020.



Know you are loved!

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