18 July 2019

Emerald Founder Records ~ Lisa Renee ~ July 2019

Lisa Renee has, as far as I'm aware, intermittently written about the usual hijacking and perversion of Light from quite some time ago. One such example is Thoth and the related Emerald Tablets. This time, in this article, Lisa Renee expands in much more detail about this topic.

I have read The Emerald Tablets, and even wrote about it as well as attempt to interpret one of the chapters here on my blog. I personally follow two Wayshowers who work closely with Thoth. I am unable to offer any meaningful insight into Lisa's perspective, so I won't (although much of Lisa's narrative in this article points to mainstream dogmas, control systems and religions). However, I will admit to having personal debates with myself for a long while now about several topics that Lisa Renee has written about, such as Thoth & The Emerald Tablets, Flower of Life etc. I even thought aloud about this in a post that I wrote, here (Bi-Wave & Tri-Wave) in an attempt to reconcile the differences.

Another source that I know about who speaks of Thoth as a Fallen Angel of the highest order, is Crystalai.

In general ~ and I do not claim to be correct, I am only interpreting Lisa's work based on my own understanding ~ what sources such as Lisa say is that we are being duped to stay on a false Ascension Timeline, which brings us to only 5D. The authentic Ascension Timeline is for us to acquire our Star Template and transcend out of the physical plane altogether. And personally, I love the Krystal Star formations ~ something that I've been meaning to write about for some time now (so many things in my Pensieve, unattended and unwritten). More importantly, I can happily and quite contentedly go about my own Ascension process without "following" any particular Being or source information. I may end up being blissfully ignorant :)  On the positive side, I've had no/minimal interest in Mystery Schools, Hermetic principles etc, and have been steadfastly immune to Bible study when I was growing up.

Coming back to Lisa Renee ~ I strongly recommend reading this article and then forming your own opinion. What is also pertinent is the successful attempts by the Guardian Teams to rectify the perversions against our organic Ascension.
On Lisa's website
Source: Energetic Synthesis

Dear Ascending Family,

We have all heard the phrase, history is written by the victors.  Here we are looking at how consciousness records containing our true history and sacred sciences, were stolen and used against humanity.  A lie can only stand while the truth is hidden from view.  In recent months more of our starseed family has begun to embody Founder consciousness.  As these levels of consciousness record are being accessed within human bodies, more pieces of our true history are being recovered.  As these true records come to light, the manipulated and counterfeit versions cannot be maintained.  Here we begin to weave these new pieces into something more comprehensive, including Thoth’s role in stealing and rewriting Emerald Tablets in keeping with the NAA agenda to enslave humanity.  This is a long one, as tracing the impact through the Luciferian Rebellion, Eieyani Massacre, Atlantian Flood, Essene and Egyptian timelines is like working a large puzzle with many pieces.

In the timelines before the fall of humanity, when access to the 12th gate and Avatar Christos Consciousness was still possible on 5D Tara, angelic humans experienced a deep reverence for all living things, along with a wholistic and meaningful consciousness connection with the planet as an alive breathing, interconnected spiritual entity.  All angelic human beings had the gift of direct consciousness memory of their true history and origins throughout time, and had the free will option to continue their personal consciousness growth and ascension through the study and examination of the holographic discs that contained the original Emerald Founder Records.

Thus, humanity knew itself as a living and blessed soul expressions of one of the 12 Tribes connected to the eternal One God source, freed from the external control dogmas used in religions to steal the individuals’ personal spiritual power, robbing them of self-respect, human dignity and inner Christos development.  The Emerald Founder Records contained explicit knowledge about the origins, genetics and purpose of the human race, which included historical timeline accounts of Galactic history considered to be the divine birthright of all angelic humans. The Emerald Founder Records included explicit ancient wisdom teachings on the unifying principles of the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One, in which humans were directly taught how to spiritually activate their lightbody through consciousness training methods, so they could achieve full liberation as a Cosmic Christos. The content held in these holographic discs was being protected by the Founder Guardians in an ancient genetic library that exists outside of time and that was being preserved on the earth’s behalf, until more of the humans on the earth could awaken to remember who they really are. This was designed as a failsafe protective mechanism put in place during the Covenant of Paliador, the Guardian hosts plan for the reclamation of Christos Mission.

Until the earth underwent the Ascension cycle and reached the threshold in which the crystalline grid was able to hold the highest Christos frequency and the intelligent coding that was contained in these discs, the Emerald Founders assigned members of the High Sirian Council to guard and preserve the sacred wisdom in these holy records for the future benefit of the earth. Thus, those assembled in the Sirian High Council that were primarily in the Universal Christos lineages of the Emerald Order and Blue Flame Melchizedeks, were acting as the primary archivists of earth’s vast genetic library and timeline history, through the gnostic process of their own consciousness embodiment.  Archivists are responsible for assembling, cataloguing, preserving and managing valuable collections of historical information.  In this case, they were also responsible for mapping out the DNA code that functions as the genetic library for all creations throughout the 12 organic timelines.

This data was compiled upon a master copy of 12 holographic discs and were known as the original Emerald Founder Records, which contained the basis for describing the consciousness mechanics of reality, manifestation, and the unification of all expressions with the eternal, loving, One God Source. These discs include extremely advanced technological information about the planetary templar stargates, ley lines, the spiritual-science texts and schematics that are outlined in the Law of One consciousness freedom teachings that unify sacred sciences with spirituality. The Founder Records are also referred to as the Emerald Covenant CDT holographic plates, which originally belonged to all of the human 12 Tribes and were the principal spiritual teachings that were commonly understood during the Lemurian and early Atlantian timelines.  Each holographic disc was protected and administered to by an assigned Maji Grail King on the earth, who acted as the main Guardian of the planetary stargate of his tribe. The Maji Grail King assigned spiritually trained members of the Essene tribes as Keepers of the Law of One knowledge, to carry this sacred wisdom through multiple timelines and to protect related information for access during a later time cycle. Such as transmitting Essene translations of human historical timelines and Galactic Wars over the seeding of the 12 Tribes, and hiding them within many crystals and other objects that are buried in the earth.

During the first Lemurian Holocaust, a massive orchestration to hide and bury the contents of historical timelines included in the holographic disc translations was transmitted into crystals, and then buried throughout the chain of the Hawaiian Islands and other island regions. As a result of these efforts to preserve the Christos Essene Templar timelines during the Lemurian Holocaust, these are specifically referred to as Lemurian Crystals.  This was a method to hide and bury the sacred knowledge about stargate mechanics and the map of the 12 Tribe genetics on the earth, during the Galactic Wars that were occurring throughout multiple dimensional timelines, simultaneously.

The Emerald Founder Records reveal that there are 12 Essene Tribes which make up the entirety of the collective human gene pool, or are the descendants of Universal Tribal Shield that has been originally incarnated onto this planet from the future timelines of Tara. Each of the 12 Tribes are genetically key coded to their demographic Planetary Gates location and to that planetary dimensional sphere and its ley line network. When we incarnate onto the planet, we have genetic time codes in our DNA related to the planetary gates dimensional system that is a part of our main Human Tribal Identity. We activate our human tribal identity personal planetary keys when we activate our Inner Christos by running the 12D Ray, stringing 144 harmonics throughout our lightbody, otherwise called the 12D Shield. That identity has had many lifetimes that have participated with the consciousness evolution cycles of assembling DNA codes in the angelic human root races evolving throughout the Solar System.

The original 12 Essene Tribes were seeded on the earth as a part of the evolution plan that was the result of the Covenant of Paliador, to rescue the lost Souls of Tara, making it easier to reclaim these identities when the stargates finally opened during the end of the Ascension Cycle.

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  1. a layer and view point, and another layer and view point, and another layer and view point, and ......

    1. Look at your timestamp, Lee.... 04:44
      That's what I see on my end, not sure if you will see it according to your own timezone.

      Thank you for the link to the podcast :) There's also the podcast attached to each monthly article, for info

      Lisa Renee takes a much more macro approach to what's happening. Having said that, I can't confirm that she did not mention Congo, because I'm sure I haven't read all her articles.

      While she doesn't ~ as far as I know ~ mention Yaldie, she has always maintained that the Cosmic scourge goes way back. She does refer to what I believe is the PA, here:

      As for Ra, I believe that her "version" of Ra is way different from that referenced by DW & CG; Lisa's Law of One is also not the same as what the twosome go by. Lisa's version is more Cosmic, more Universal.

      My opinions only :) Many Blessings, Lee

  2. oh boy - could not read all yet because it's late at nite and my eyes are falling shut..

    Grace, do you happen to know Lisa's stance on or possible mentioning of:

    1. a 1996 "Archon Invasion"/ Kongo (as per Cobra)

    2a. Prime anomaly
    2b. Yaldabaoth

    3. Ra (from the Egyptian Mythology): positive, negative or in-between
    [edit]: oh: https://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Ra_Lineage


  3. for those who want to download and listen (1hr:25 mins): https://energeticdownloads.com/podcast/EmeraldFounderRecords.mp3

  4. Magnetic Master (June 2008): wow, what a read, thanks for the link. Yes, the one section indeed seems to describe the PA.

    "Versions" of Ra and Law of One: hm, what if replacing "versions" with "capability of recognition", assuming there is just one entity Ra and one Law Of One. Even if hypothetically just a small percentage of her teachings were truthful, she does appear to have an unrivaled profound knowledge, wide perspective and far horizon to pierce through the veils of lies and perception (hopefully).

    mp3 vs. podcast play button: I added the direct link so the file can be downloaded for offline listening.

    ~ ∞ ~

    1. Actually Lee, I prefer Lisa Renee's perspective :) Thanks again for the download link. Blessings