22 July 2019

Cosmic Merkaba, Central Spiritual Sun Activation (description box) ~ 22 July 2019

In this update from Aluna Ash, she mentions 24 August (Venus conjunct Mars, as per Aluna) as when massive awakening and changes will be initiated. Jason Estes has said that on 23 August, the second group will cross the Ascension line, comprising a huge number of people (500 million? I could be wrong ~ the number changes as more Souls decide to join in  as we move towards this date).

Aluna also brings up what I believe many of us are going through ~ "schedules" are out the window ~ we are finding that our sleep and meal times no longer are what they were.

She also relates how we perpetuate negative situations/karmic entanglements through magnetic "attractions" & elemental energies @13-minutes; healing/clearing will occur only when the opposing force is applied i.e. positive energies/thoughts.

@18-minutes ~ Aluna makes an interesting observation about new Souls who may not have the depth and range of older Souls who have incarnated as different races in different nations ~ the new Souls are more judgmental about differences.

Aluna also shares an OBE which she experienced on 1 July, @21-minutes ~ a connection with the Central Sun.

Please listen here.


πŸ”΄We have a massive wave coming in right now, anchoring in & then another wave around the 29th/30th of July 
Here is some more info on Venus cycle & past cycles (Venus cycles are connected to "circling the square" as well) : http://starworlds.blogspot.com/2011/0... 

πŸ’œAn 8 Year Venus cycle (within many cycles) began in 2012, that will be completing in June 2020- during this New Galactic Year of the Divine Feminine. This New Galactic Year & shift moving out of the 1260 timing frequency (12 month calender 60 minute clock) is also connected to 1,260 days of Venus sacred geomtry, frequency, orbital paths through a density wave connected to the Central Spiritual Sun (which is a nonphysical entity- like the spirit/soul/higher self of our physical Sun) 

Venus cycle is connected (just like the other planets/orbits/spheres) the chakras. The Venus 8 year cycle is connected to the 7 chakras and the 8th chakra above the head. For many this cycle is creating the activation of the 8th chakra. 

 **Number synchronicities are also connected to sacred geometry and orbital paths. It is tuning into the natural rhythms of cosmic time outside of the linear, 3D false time. Each number is an activation and unconscious/ subliminal download guided by your higher self through your unconscious/subconscious mind. The repetition of seeing certain numbers is what creates the new program, disdain links you to a new Consciousness, new reality/paradigm and timeline. 

Many think the numbers are Angel numbers at first.. but there is so much more to it. 

New Galactic Year begins 7/26 
New Moon Portal AND Wave of Cosmic Rays coming in- 7/29 
Galactic Activation Portal dates: 8/1 & 8/3 
MATRIX CODES: 2080 520×4 130×16 260×8 40×52 65×32 
Venus Codes 65:104:146 5:8:13 

*It takes 5 Venus synodic cycles, 8 Earth orbits to create one Pentagram- which is 13 Venus orbits. 
*It takes 65 Venus synodic cycles, 104 Earth orbits (earth years) to create 13 Pentagrams- which is 169 Venus orbits. 
*It takes 104 years for Venus & Earth to create 13 Rose/Pentagrams in the sky. 

πŸ’œ13th Gate- The God Particle, it means we have ended the old system. We are entering the new. 13 & 8/infinite loop of the new system and consciousness brought forth through activations & cosmic rays being integrated on this planet. 
The descending consciousness of the Monad is also accessed through the 13th nerve in the brain. 

Metatrons Cube has 13 gates/sphere, this is part of an etheric casing or overlay that connects to the elemental energy in your field, the Soul/higher self Oversoul, Monad, Planets, Central Spiritual Sun. 

The 13th gate is connected to accessing higher realms/higher planes. The Thymus (which is between the throat chakra and the heart chakra) & 8th chakra is the gateway to Akashic field. 

I will make a video on what this looks like clairvoyantly so people can visualize it & access through meditation. Not everyone sees clairvoyantly- but many have had this Galactic Merkaba activation. And many others will. 

More and more have been awakening/activated- it is always your Soul & magnetism that pulls in the experience or person needed to trigger your awakening or activations. It is not outside of you or anything besides you/your eternal self. It is a Soul collaboration. 

πŸ’œI'm hoping to do a Livestream Meditation on the "Day out of time" 7/25 on the channel and Shakti on Patreon - https://patreon.com/alunaash 


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