21 July 2019

Gigi Young Update ~ 20 July 2019

I appreciate this honesty from Gigi Young ~ I personally have come across spiritual "services" that left me going "huh?". An issue that we need to be wary of is also the situation surrounding what Gigi explains as the limiting factor of "quick fixes" (my term) ~ these can create shallow comprehensions and rob the clients of doing true inner work for authentic spiritual growth.

Additionally, there's the inclination of the "one size fits all" attitude ~ an example is this story that I will share. Some years ago, a friend with a troubling situation came to me for assistance. Based on the nature of her issue, I decided to bring her to a practitioner that I knew would be able to assist, or at least help her take the next few steps forward. When I arrived at the centre, I found that the practitioner was no longer there, and the centre had new owners who were trained in a specific modality. They insisted that their modality was what my friend needed, even though I could clearly see that the modality (costly and requiring several sessions) and the issue had very little commonality for a healing alignment. They pressed on for almost an hour, explaining the process to my friend, who was about to sign up when I interrupted and suggested that perhaps she should give it a thought before agreeing. This friend was already almost-totally dependent on seeking advice from another practitioner (Crystals) and was almost incapable of making major decisions on her own.

Okay, rambling (rant) over :)

Source: Gigi Young

I am relieved to see so many people becoming interested in spirituality, especially the New Age! Can I get a Hallelujah?! Earning a living as a psychic, healer or spiritual mentor adds value to society and taking the time to cultivate a relationship with your soul also benefits society We need to re-develop a healthy level of spirituality within society to progress, no question there!

That said, the current inundation of spiritual marketing (with little substance or originality) and 'spirituality as a brand' creates confusion and lowers the bar. The spiritual level of service and work in society requires a higher level of living and care, not for righteous reasons, but because spiritual energy is more nuanced than the material world and thus requires more training and clarity to authentically provide services.

This isn't something pleasant to talk about, it would be great if spiritual connection was a harmless free for all, if there were clear and obvious standards, but that is simply not reality. There are pretty much no standards to practice which creates a lot of confusion and false paths in this industry. These false paths thrive when we are desperate and careless in our spiritual growth. When we seek to just feel relief, or positive emotion rather than going deeper and getting to those higher levels of spiritual development.

Without an intense level of personal awareness and discipline, spiritual work can easily lock people in lower chakras and wounds can pass (or resonate) from practitioner to client rather than healing energies. This becomes even more apparent in this Instagram age where we are captivated by packaging and appearance and have difficulty sensing the truth beyond the surface until we feel terrible.

Please be mindful who you follow and purchase services from, always prioritize meditation and self development, get to know your own voice, your own spirit and let that lead.

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