27 July 2019

How Do You Define Disclosure? ~ Sandra Walter ~ 26 July 2019

How do you define Disclosure?
Your answer to this question may reveal what is a priority on your path, or what area of service is best for you in this Now.
Do you see it as within or without?
A public event?
A revelation of the Heart, or the mind?
How does it affect your timelines?
Source: Sandra Walter

Pondering a new post-timeline shift definition of Disclosure. For me, the ultimate disclosure is the revelation of the God-Self. The truth of #Unity #Consciousness and experience of Divine Love.

At this point in our #Ascension and Embodiment, with critical mass attained years ago, what else do we need to experience to resolve the distortions? 

Is it required, or just a *nice side-effect of the awakening*?

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