23 July 2019

Jason Estes #32: Intel Updates, Sexuality, and Exploration (SOULSPEAKS 5D) ~

"To make everything Sacred in Life is the goal of the Divine Being"
Here's the link to the video.

Some notes I made, they are very skeletal, please watch the video to get the full essence of the discussion. There's one point that I would like to offer my opinion and that's about being overwhelmed. I have mentioned before, I don't need to know or find out about everything, I don't need to say Yes to every request that pops up, I don't need to be "more" ๐Ÿ˜Š I am glad Jason Estes addresses this in the video.
  • 2019: Year of Transformation ~ we are transforming into the Self that is worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven, so to speak
  • Where we're at now, we can't force the World anymore ~ the World will literally crush us. Instead, we need to be learning what the energies are telling us
  • Less is more ~ Giving it our all upfront leaves us with nothing much for ourselves ~ it's borrowing from our future and overwhelming ourselves and the World. Giving it our BEST EFFORT is ideal
  • Influxes doing the spiritual stuff for us, our job is to do the physical stuff, take action eg. go biking, hang out with trees etc. If we go spiritual during the influxes, it would overwhelm us
  • Everything is accelerated right now, including Spirituality, in which we are now being supported more than ever before ~ the Spiritual hose is now broken on the On switch, it's flooding. We must now learn to swim or we'll drown
  • Pray, Bless everything we place into our bodies ~ making everything Sacred
  • To make everything Sacred in Life is the goal of the Divine Being
  • The Ascended Masters gift of Sexuality (which is True Connection to All That Is) has come in and the Collective updated ~ triggered a massive shift
  • Making room for healing, creating the space for alchemy and letting the codes flow through us
  • Eg. learning through observation so that we don't need to go through that experience ourselves to gain the wisdom ~ like watching movies 
  • We have shifted into the Alchemical perspective, no longer in suffering and service, therefore we make room to alchemise things
  • Inner work is essential to be the Alchemist
  • Old ways don't work anymore, the water flow will only increase in volume so we need to expand with the tide or drown
  • Transitions are always difficult but we are already halfway through
  • By end August, 500 million will migrate over to the Ascension Line ~ while it might seem that things are impossible, it's just asking us to become more of Ourselves
  • People are constantly shifting over to the Ascension Line, so the Light that they have held leaves with them, creating situation which seems like more darkness, chaos and confusion. In essence, this serves to open up the space for others to transit upwards and claim the Light for themselves, and then shift to the Ascension Line (I'm paraphrasing here) ~ we are seeing the Lights that are not us go away, so we need Shine Our Own Light (most definitely paraphrasing! )
  • 11 Jan 2020 is a solid date ~ by this time, the bottom will fall out of the Transit Line so we will either be at the Ascension Line or "gone" by 12 Jan
  • Ascension Line will get easier, Transit Line will get more expanded and asking more of our True Selves every day
  • When we are in overwhelm, take time to acknowledge that not everything is going wrong, recognise that there are things that are going right, this will shift our mental polarity
  • The intense situations show us who we are not, so that we can expand more into Who We Truly Are
  • When we step into danger, we are losing faith in our body and our body is losing faith in us
  • When we step through fear, we gain confidence and teaches body to trust us
  • As we elevate upwards, we can see our maze with more clarity ~ this is making space for us to move forwards. We have everything to navigate our maze
  • We are now in the Masters' game ~ we either become the Master that we are and navigate the maze, or we don't
  • We need to remember that we are a race of Divine Beings, and this is the invitation right now to Humanity ~ the last time we received the invitation, we "declined" (Atlantis) but now we've said Yes!
  • Next gift is on 28 October ~ Celestial Awakening (whoa.....) unlocking the Inner Angel within us, the True Celestial Purpose of Humanity, ushering in "major major change". It's the last Gift, and starts the 10-year clock 
  • Gift of Sexuality freed us from labels eg I am male/female/heterosexual/homosexual etc ~ now it's just I AM, our true connection with our I Am/Divinity and therefore creates true connection with others. Sexuality is about creation, connection and not stimulation (omigoddess finally I get to hear someone explain this in a way I totally resonate with)
  • Jason recommends watching the new Spider Man movie, which unlocks so much and helps us understand what we are going through and we'll realise how silly we've made things
  • I AM = "I" the personality meeting the Ascended Master (AM) to come together as One
  • Jason reminds us that his dates are Humanity's timeline, given as best as he is able to, and therefore subject to change
  • The World is changing rapidly, we are in a transitional phase as a Race. We'll get thrown around but this isn't the rest of our Life, it's temporary, we have the tools, we don't give up
  • Marvel movies always give us codes at the right time to wake up Humanity
  • Ultimately, every one is different, Jason just offers us choice, it's all up to us what we choose.

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