18 July 2019

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 17July 2019

Source: Laura Eisenhower

The creative imagination can tap into anything and create from it, which leads to manifesting and also altering physical density and that is why the diversity we see throughout the multidimensional Cosmos is so mind blowing and vast. Cause creative beings create all kinds of things!

The physical plane, once something manifests, can take time to shift into another form and it can shift into a digressed version, remain the same or it can become more advanced.

Our thoughts, words and actions are behind how this is generated into our life. So as we are going through this Transformation of Saturn, we have the ability more than ever now, to solidify a new reality for ourselves.

The old structures are falling away and our ability to deprogram changes the black Sun agenda and how we relate to the Zodiac - It liberates us from the endless loops and pattern replays that are like a hamster Wheel.

The substance of Dreams is mixing with physical density as our psyche and Soul is getting in touch with where it has been held hostage to things that confine it and limit its expression.

When higher and lower self become one - we are no longer easy prey — when M/F are in a dance, the power struggle between the sexes ceases to exist and the destructive use of sexual energy rises out of reptilian to cosmic Dragon, which phase locks fragments and resolves any disconnection from the rest of all that we are made of.

When balance is the dominant energy we strive to maintain, nothing that is separate from Love can feed on us or the Earth. Separation creates sides and War.

The Earth has taken massive blows, but it allows this to help reveal to us where we need to heal most and what’s at stake if we don’t and if we can listen, we are reminded to take it upon ourselves to purify our own inner elements, so that we can exist in a World that reflects Higher Earth energies and Harmonic Universes that are found first within.

Upgrading DNA to its fullest capacity is to align with Zero point Source and tap into the creative imagination from the intention and wisdom of the higher mind, the Love of the Universal heart, the desire for Union and the awakened Ego that informs the human vessel to commit to these principles and things like integrity - so that a truly beautiful existence can become our new reality.

If we don’t want that or aren’t ready for that we can stay stuck and battle entities or be controlled by them. We are the Artists of our destiny!

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