28 July 2019

My New Galactic Year

Space Observing System
** Update: I finally got to  to check in on Aluna Ash's message (here), which I had posted late last night without listening. At around the 9:30-minute mark, she mentions that people are beginning to see signs of Shamballa Consciousness around the world, through Rainbow skies and clouds. Whoa...

Some personal thoughts I'm sharing about a series of expected experiences.

I had already determinedly planned to spend the Day Out Of Time and the New Galactic Year in the sanctuary of my home, away from anyone else, and certainly not in a public place. I ended up spending both days with other people, and in public places. I have noticed this unwelcomed trend in the past years, when it would seem that I have to make a public appearance on days that I would prefer to be on my own. Although I have been told in a Starseed reading that one of my "duties" is to spread "codes", it is something that I have never quite been totally willing to do. Happily, on both days, once again my interactions with everyone were actually nice.

Two nights ago, during the window of the New Galactic Year, I experienced some physical discomfort during the late evening. Slight dizziness, "seasick tummy" and unusual sensations in my head. Also a sense of being "squeezed".

I went to bed feeling much better and looked forward very much to a good night's rest. I was so tired, I could barely finish my meditation ~ I honestly thought I was just going to slump into slumber the moment I finished.

That was not to be. I just couldn't sleep, no matter what I did to sleep. I tried to maintain a meditative state throughout, believing that I would fall asleep at any moment. I was awake for what seemed like an hour, but when I finally got up to look at my mp3 player, it showed 5am! I couldn't believe that I had been un-asleep for hours!! All the while, I tried to tune into the energies but didn't get anything I could understand at that time.

I adamantly tried to sleep again and thankfully this time I really drifted off for about three hours.

When I woke up the next morning, what I very clearly got was that Gaia Mum's Crystal Core has been fully activated and is now online in a major way. I don't have any more details other than that. (Update: To clarify ~ the Crystal Core had already started activating, but what I got is that it's now fully activated)

Looking at the SR reading in the chart above, we can see that it's been a rather "quiet" few days, which would have been normal in previous times, but is certainly abnormal for this New Time. From what I understand, the current energies are mainly coming from Gaia Mum's Crystal Core, and these energies are massive! The ionosphere is relatively undisturbed, in terms of what the SR instruments measure (I've always maintained that there are no current devices that can appropriate register these energies, whether they are originate off-Planet or intra-Planet). So even though it's quiet on the SR front, we are still being awashed with intense energies ~ this time from the Crystal Core.

I feel that from now on, our Inner Earth reality is going to become more and more prominent, and adding even more Light to what we are already receiving, and will continue to do so in ever-increasing amounts.

Okay, I don't need to caution that these are just my thoughts that I'm posting, and that I'm in no way proclaiming them as Truth :)

Namaste and Blessings!


  1. Grace,
    The morning of our "day out of time" I floated between sleep and wake. The buzzing I could hear in this state was louder than I've Ever heard it in all my long awareness of "tone" being a signal of higher dimensions, frequencies. I dreamt that our Support team had finally landed and I must confess, as I was approached along a long corridor I found myself feeling a bit of fear. The being was enormous and as he moved down the hallway my 3 year old nephew ran past me to him. He, the being, wasn't shiny or otherworldly. He was rather muddy colored and inner earthly. He saw my nephew, smiled, and shifted into a smaller, less imposing body. It was then that I remembered the most important thing i know about the beings that are coming. They will meet us where we are, spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally as individuals and as a collective. It's why so many have been working to understand us Including how we react when we're afraid. We, those reading your work, are going to be so incredibly important as we transition into this new world by demonstrating comfort and ease with all the changes were about to experience!!!
    Pinch me!!!!!♡

    1. I love your validation and confirmation, thank you for posting this!

      And you made such an important point ~ that these Beings will meet us where we are, wow I never thought of that! I had Soul-bumps from your third sentence onwards all the way till the end of your comment.

      So much appreciation for your support, thank you <3 We will certainly shine our Lights so bright when the time comes :)

      Love and Blessings