13 July 2019

New Cycle, Full Moon, Partial Lunar Eclipse, Portals, Shifts ~ Aluna Ash ~ 12 July 2019

Please listen here, quite a long update, a lot happening in this month.

I love all of you. I am grateful for each of you. I keep learning more & more about unconditional love/unity through my own experiences. 
Even if things seem difficult- it is always bringing us higher, it's always helping us grow. There's a purpose in everything. Going within is helpful right now. Spending time meditating, reading, drawing/coloring, crafts, writing, making music or doing something you are passionate about is also helpful. 
This message is just a mix of different messages: Cycles, portals, eclipses, shifts, astrology, creating in conscious collaboration with you eternal self/Soul/Higher Self to uplift and serve the collective rather then Law Of Attration for the materialization of matter guided by the lower mind/personality or desire, etc... The wave is already coming in through this portal... I think many already know/feel this. 
7/12- Galactic Activation Portal Date & Last day of one 260 day cycle. Kin 260 
 7/13- Galactic Activation Portal Date, First day of new 260 day cycle- Kin 1: New Galactic Spin/cosmic reset. And opening of the Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse Portal (full moon portals always open 3 days prior to a full moon) 
7/16- Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn- in the later degrees of the sign representing later stages of spiritual intiation through the "Gates of The Gods" guarded by the 4th Lord of Karma- Saturn. 
 **Right after this Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, the Moon enters Aquarius & enters into two T Squares: A T Square between Uranus in Taurus and Mars in Leo. And another T Square between the Moon in Aquarius, Uranus in Taurus & Mercury Retrograde in Leo. Along w the multi planet oppposition in Cancer (Venus, North Node, Sun) & Capricorn (South Node, Saturn, Pluto) that will continue 
7/18- Then Moon in Aquarius forms a YOD/Finger Of Fate between the North Node & Venus in Cancer and Jupiter in Sagittarius. The focus energy is the North Node & Venus with this YOD. 
7/20- YOD/Finger Of Fate between Mars in Leo, Saturn in Cap, Moon in Pisces. Mars is the focus energy. 
7/21- Is the start of the End of Year 5 day Purification Cycle known as the 5 Day VAYEB. 
7/22- Grabd Trine between Moon in Aries, Jupiter retro in Sagittarius and Mars in Leo. YOD- between Mars in Lel, Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Capricorn. Mars being the focus energy of this YOD/Finger of Fate. 
7/23- T Square- Saturn in Csp, Moon in Aries, North Node in Cancer. TSquare Pluto retro in Cap, Moon in Aries, Venus & Mercury retro in Cancer. YOD between Mars in Leo, Neptune retro in Pisces and Saturn retro in Capricorn. Mars being the focus energy in this YOD. 
7/24- last day of Year of the Red Cosmic Moon, a tone 13- which is ending a 13 yr cycle. Multiple planet Square with Venus Mercury retrp in cancer, Moon in Taurus, Sun in Leo, Uranus in Taurus. YOD/Finger of Fate Between Mars, Neptune retro & Saturn retro. Mars being the focus energy of this YOD. 
7/25- Day Out Of "Time" or the Maya/Matrix YOD- between Mars, Saturn retro, Neptune retro, mars focus energy. YOD between Jupiter retro, North Node, Moon- Jupiter the focus energy. Cradle between Saturn rx, North Node, Moon, Neptune rx. 
7/26- 1st day of new 1 yr & 13 yr cycle- White Magnetic Wizard, tone 1. 
This new cycle is connected to 4th dimensional time, unity, magic, love, coming together, monad consciousness descending to the oversoul and then individual aspects in human form balances the magnetic and electric chages. More will be learning to manifest in collaboration w the Soul aspects due to further stages of initiation causing more psychic senses to develop & more guidance to come through. Clairaudience and clairvoyance is a natural part of spiritual evolution- that we all have and all gain access to. Its about clearing the channels/nadis, balancing karma, attuning the body on all levels & releasing the old. Most will start connecting w the Law Of Attraction, learning that we create or to create more consciously... then through integration, its co-creating from the monad and oversoul consciousness through the human vehicle. Different Oversouls are coming together as Soul groups comes together as well. We are playing different karmas out by individuals, bloodlines, family, ancestors, DNA, nations, races, soul groups, oversouls, monads, planets, systems, etc.. the Micro & Macro. 
 **I'm planning on posting on Patreon more about the Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse energy & more of the daily astrology transits that I didn't mention. I will be posting the rest of the signs on the channel for July at some point. 
I will show in picture drawings in a diff video what I was shown because it's the only way I can explain it.. 

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