26 July 2019

New Galactic Year ~ Alex Myles

 July 25-26: The End of a Cosmic Cycle & the Start of a New Galactic Year
July 25th is the last day of the Mayan & Galactic calendar & is known as "Day Out Of Time"when Earth realigns with Galactic time. It is perceived as a day to pause & release all old energy & forgive the past before moving into a new cosmic year.
July 26th marks a new Galactiv Year & is highly charged with cosmic energy. On this day a portal opens, bringing a brand new frequency to our Planet. The energetic influence can entirely reset our existence, as we know it, & feel like we've taken a huge quantum leap. We may suddenly see with greater clarity & gain major insight into things we've struggled to understand. 
Our timeline may alter rapidly & we'll be able to effortlessly let go of anything/anyone out of alignment & our ability to magnetically attract soul-fulfilling connections & experiences will amplify. It is now time to set intentions & trust the Universe to magnify manifestations

Source: Alex Myles

July 26th marks a New Galactic Year & the first month (from July 26th - August 22nd) is known as "The Magnetic Moon Of Purpose."

This month is dedicated to rebirth, renewal & introspection & brings emotional, spiritual & physical realignment. This is the optimum time for setting intentions and allowing anything or anyone out of alignment to naturally fall away. This creates vital space to integrate into our lives whatever & whoever is a vibrational match & in full spiritual alignment. ☀️๐Ÿ’—

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