22 July 2019

Personal Update

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Motivated (nudged) by Paul Dobree-Carey's recent article about Sacred Geometry in Motion, I thought I would finally make myself write this hopefully-brief post.

I will get to that in the course of my writing. For now, just a quick note about the geometries that I've been seeing emanating from our Sun. As I've mentioned before, they resemble the Krystal Star formations that proponents such as Lisa Renee use (here). Not the Flower of Life, but the Krystal Star. I have also offered through a previous article my belief that the FoL was the foundational geometry for our current-but-fast-changing existence, and that the Krystal Star (negentropic, pro-Life, expansive) would be the new "source codes", as they were originally intended to be before this Creation was hijacked by the dark.

Just very recently, I saw the geometry from the Sun change. This was maybe 2 or 3 days ago ~ the pattern was in motion, moving across space. It resembled the image I have used above, that is the closest thing I could find online. Based on what I understand, the geometry was a specific type of energy that was being streamed in. Yes, I know we are now being sent something or other daily, and overlapping/braided energies at that, but this one is very specific. I apologise, that's all I know ~ as to what the purpose is, I don't have that information or understanding at this point in time.

I did think that perhaps it could have been related to what Broder Bilal wrote, here.  Whatever it may be, please note that this is just what I've perceived and understood, and not necessarily what the actual situation may be.

I only saw this new "pattern" on that day ~ it's now back to the Krystal Star-type of geometry.

Namaste & Blessings!

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