22 July 2019

Sacred Geometry in Motion ~ Paul Dobree-Carey ~ 20 July 2019

What nice Synchronicity to follow the Crop Circles.... What Paul Dobree-Carey writes in this article reminds me of "Conatact", where no one could figure out the codes until they made it 3-D.

Source: Paul Dobree-Carey

Regardless of the maker, whether considered to be celestial, artificial or super-natural, all Crop Circle formations are created from intention. The intention of their design is carried as vibrational energy held in geometric form. The primary use of the platonic solids, in particular, the hexagon, carries internal angles of 60 degrees which is the basis of all matter known as Divine or Sacred Geometry. The beginnings of Life derive from the Metatronic cube as the Flower of Life, a design pattern displayed by every civilization throughout time. It is a pattern that allows the infinite expansion of the macro and infinite contraction into the micro.

Many crop circle formations continue, year after year, to display various geometric derivatives of this design but are limited by one factor; they are 2 dimensional (flat) representations of the geometry they portray. In particular, those that demonstrate multiple lines of symmetry are suggestive of rotational spin.

In recreating their designs in geometric form, and rotating the images at varying speeds of degrees per second, patterns begin to emerge in the same manner as those shown by Cymatics. This discovery by Ernst Chladni came from applying sand to a vibrating metal plate. By varying the sound frequencies, he found that the sand formed standing wave patterns resembling many of the natural patterns found in nature.

Applying differing ‘frequencies’ to an image can be reproduced by rotating the design by a certain number of degrees per second. The effect begins to animate the image as if bringing it to life and displaying various differing patterns as a result. To determine the correct rotational spin to apply to the crop circle design, the sum of internal 60 degree angles is normally successful in displaying the crop circle in its intended vibrational form. Other formations with less lines of symmetry require applying number of degrees selected from the Solfeggio scale. A few have also proved effective as low as the original record turntable speed of 33.3 revolutions per minute (200 degrees per second).

So, Crop Circle formation takes on a whole differing meaning once you start to spin them. Focusing on the spinning images provides a visual display of the vibrational frequencies that the geometry holds locked within its form.

Paul Dobree - Carey

Crop Circle Rotational Spin Album

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