25 July 2019

Shifting Dimensions ~ Alexandar Kosmos & Brenda Garcia ~ 24 July 2019

Source: Alexandrian Kosmos

Our entire Life’s Plan is completely encoded within our individual Hearts and Souls. We cannot see, hear, or touch what is encoded within our Heart and Soul. We can only discover it through our individual expressions of Joy – revealing our unique message to the world – our Life’s Purpose.

Our Life’s Purpose sets the tone and motion needed to reveal our entire Life’s Plan. Without a purpose we would just be led astray by the world’s vibrational current, rather than establishing our own course and destiny.

Our current days differ greatly from our days of the past, Dear Ones. Mother Earth is now transitioning to become a Fifth Dimensional Creator Planet. We could easily continue to ignore the transition She is undergoing. We might even believe Mother Earth’s Changes are a cyclical experience. But they are not and the time has come for humanity to transition with Mother Earth!

Humanity’s transition involves adapting to Mother Earth’s new conditions. Our transition involves becoming Fifth Dimensional Creators! The biggest issue in humanity’s transition is not that we aren’t capable of such a transition. Humanity’s biggest issue is that humanity is segregated into three prominent constructs of belief: Third Dimensional, Fourth Dimensional, and Fifth Dimensional. All three constructs serve to support that reality’s belief system. The dimensions differ in their intended outcome.

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