31 July 2019

The Call of Your Soul ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 30 June 2019

Through Loving Kindness to Self
Everyone and everything appears as a fresh Flower from within
Global Mission of LOVE

Source: Nicky Hamid

Listen to the Call of your Soul. Sit with it for a while.

Know that within it is a place of profound and natural stillness, and the call of your Heart, the call of Home the voice of You. 

It is a sweet voice, the sound of Love. 

Within it is your wholeness, your Truth. And when you feel it, make peace with your body. Make peace with your emotions. Make peace with your mind. Befriend and love them all. Love what you are. Love what you have been. Love what you have become. 

And then make friends with Gaia. Love Earth and everything it has given and gives to you. 

Remember how there were so, so many who wanted to come in physical form at this time and you were given a ticket. A ticket for the greatest live show in the cosmos. An opportunity to have unprecedented experiences and the rare and precious opportunity for accelerated expansion. 

Make friends with yourself, Make friends with Earth, make friends with all beings earthly, of star origins, and of Heavenly Being. 

You are Home, you are always Home, for you will be Here in whatever manner or form you choose to express your Lovingness. The Soul, you is calling you Home, and Home is nowhere else because it is anywhere you are. It is the Heart of You.

Shine On

I So Love You


PS: HUGE HINT: And there is Field and Form. Soul and Personality. Soul You ARE is the Field which contains the Form you have thought You were. Soul Consciousness reflects the ONE, the All in All.

So personality no longer does the seeing. Feeling. Knowing. Soul You does and uses the lens of personality to experience the Form.

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