29 July 2019

The Meld aka Ascension: Ascension of Human, Descension of Spirit ~ Star of David ~ Adamus via Geoffrey Hoppe

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This was something I had wanted to post for several weeks now, but just didn't get round to doing it. A few days ago, I eventually let it go, like so many other thoughts I had intended to express in writing.

However, the recent Crop Circle (here) was the motivation I needed to pick it up again. This concept is nothing new to you, but I did feel the inner prompting to post on my blog.

Several years ago, when I was following Tobias' teachings in Crimson Circle (I have long discontinued, ever since Tobias reincarnated in 2009 or thereabouts), there was a teaching about the meaning of the Star of David. Two triangles, one on its base, the other inverted, coming together.

Adamus (I think, can't be sure) via Geoffrey Hoppe had explained that this represented the Ascension process that we are going through. Our Spirit descending (inverted triangle), our physical body ascending (upright triangle), and both merging to form the Ascended Human.
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