12 July 2019

The Two Cosmic Messengers ~ Paul Dobree-Carey ~ 11 July 2019

Source: Paul Dobree-Carey

Two cosmic messengers just passed close by the Earth - did you see them?

The first named 2019 MB4 was about 22m in size and whistled past, travelling at 7km/s at around 315,000 km from the Earth. It's close companion named 2019 NN3 passed Earth at 320,000km with a healthier asteroid size body of 44m.

Both of these hold orbits that bring them closer to Earth than our own moon at 384,400 km. Their pathways have been astronomically calculated to arrive at this time prior to the Lionsgate and central cosmic conflagration.

A series of short message transmissions were given in encoded Sacred geometry Language of Light - to explain the processes currently taking place on Gaia and the effects they will have in preparing the path to Living in the Fifth Dimension. The encodings cover atmospheric, environmental, economic and psychological behavioural changes in current structured belief systems which will be given over a series of messages.

Consistent plasma bursts from the sun produce ionisation waves which penetrate the Earth’s magnetosphere and take effect on every atom and every cell. Ionizing radiation, "ionizes," which means it pushes an electron out of its orbit around an atomic nucleus, causing the formation of electrical charges on atoms or molecules. If ionisation occurs within the body on either water molecules or oxygen molecules (through breathing), it creates what is known as a free radical.

A free radical is highly reactive to other molecules and can be damaging to other cells within the body. However, it is a normal everyday part of the body’s existence and is necessary for many internal processes to take place. Free radicals are neutralised within the body’s defence system by antioxidants which donate a free electron to stop the free radical from being reactive to other cells. These are then removed as waste.

Of all the molecules in the body, the most crucial is DNA (Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid), the fundamental blueprint for all of the body's structures. The DNA blueprint is encoded in each cell as a long sequence of small molecules, linked together into a chain. DNA molecules are long chains of atoms wound around proteins and packed into structures called chromosomes within the cell nucleus. When unwound, the DNA in a single human cell would be more than two metres long.

Ionising radiation can take effect on altering DNA either through creation of free radicals or through direct strikes that disrupt the DNA molecule. The effect of ionising may not be to kill the cell, but to alter its DNA code in a way that leaves the cell alive but with a change to the DNA blueprint.

The effect creates a ‘mutation’ and is the basic tool of evolution taking place from the first cells through to complex structures such as humans today and beyond. Mutation can occur naturally, be manipulated artificially or programmed celestially.

Cancer is the result of a specific error in the DNA blueprint that results in loss of control of cell division where the cell begins dividing uncontrollably and in turn grows rapidly. Excessive localised ionising radiation and ingestion of non-biological chemicals are both direct contributors to this effect occurring.

However, these effects are part of the physical changes currently taking place influenced by the use, distribution and density of elecro magnetic radiation. As a direct result of ionisation which is slowly changing the body’s DNA structures to adapt to the higher vibrations required to live within the Earth’s changing electro magnetic density.

The change will occur alchemically from a sugar based organic cell feeding system to a multi-dimensional liquid light based crystal structured system. For now, a higher input of organic fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts are required to assist the body’s production of antioxidants to combat the number of free radicals created by increases to ionisation exposure.

Increase in pure water consumption, anaerobic exercise and longer periods of sleep are also vital to assist with the processes of waste production. Meat products contribute to, rather than reduce, the number of free radicals in the body.

As the physical changes take place, and you adapt to the requirements of your Body Elementals, it will become priority to consider exactly what you consume, and what the effects of your chosen location will have on your physical wellbeing. Your body will show you all you need to know.

The adjustments to the physical Adam Kadmon HU-man blueprint are taking place NOW.

With Loving Blessings

Paul Dobree-Carey / Polaris AB
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