31 July 2019

The Wingmakers ~ FM144 ~ 30 July 2019

A major report here from Team FM144. I have some thoughts but will post separately.

"The Eagles are coming!!"

Source: FM144

This blog entry provides information that comes directly from the Cosmic Central Race. But first a little overview of the current situation on the surface:

After defending the Draco Fleet who followed the Cabal's emergency call, the Light Forces have intensified cleaning of plasma spider nests within the Grid, which in turn is also a reason why these entities have recently become so startled and are taking targeted action against Lightworkers:


There is also a lot going on in South America. The continent is still an energetically shielded Cabal/Nazi stronghold. And the Goddess Vortex in Venezuela is still fiercely contested:


You can continue to support the Goddess Venezuela with the meditation from this blog entry:

Please read on....

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