28 July 2019

This is Actual Science. Crystals at the Earth’s Core Power its Magnetic Field ~ Matt Williams ~ 27 February 2017

After posting my thoughts just now ~ since it was about the full activation of Gaia Mum's Crystal Core ~ I followed my guidance and entered an Internet search using "Earth crystal core", just to see what it would pull up, seeing as we have been conditioned to believe in a solid/liquid metal core. I was actually surprised to find this article, and notice the date of publication ~ on the 27th, which Joanna Fay wrote quite a bit about in her latest article (here).

Source: Universe Today

Whether or not a planet has a magnetic field goes a long way towards determining whether or not it is habitable. Whereas Earth has a strong magnetosphere that protects life from harmful radiation and keeps solar wind from stripping away its atmosphere, planet’s like Mars no longer do. Hence why it went from being a world with a thicker atmosphere and liquid water on its surface to the cold, desiccated place it is today.

For this reason, scientists have long sought to understand what powers Earth’s magnetic field. Until now, the consensus has been that it was the dynamo effect created by Earth’s liquid outer core spinning in the opposite direction of Earth’s rotation. However, new research from the Tokyo Institute of Technology suggests that it may actually be due to the presence of crystallization in the Earth’s core.

The research was conducted by scientists from the Earth-Life Science Institute (ELSI) at Tokyo Tech. According to their study – titled “Crystallization of Silicon Dioxide and Compositional Evolution of the Earth’s Core“, which appeared recently in Nature – the energy that drives the Earth’s magnetic field may have more to do with the chemical composition of the Earth’s core.

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