30 July 2019

Timeline Choices ~ Sandra Walter ~ 29 July 2019

The New Moon on Wednesday July 31 @ 8:12 PDT completes the wild-and-wonderful July eclipse passage.
Timeline choices are amplified for the next 5 MONTHS.
Have you chose your highest trajectory of Freedom, Creativity and Ascension?

Speaking of Sandra Walter and her Freedom Codes.....

I really believe that the messages coming in now are generally about being in alignment with what we are choosing to create, or more specifically, the energy in which we are vibrating. Even Cobra has issued that two-week "caution", asking for us to go more often into meditation.

Source: Sandra Walter

We cannot emphasize this enough; we are already in the pull of the 2020 energies. What needs to change, right now, to serve the highest outcomes for you, your service, your #Ascension?

All willing hearts mark your calendars for Wednesday, we will unify in collective amplification of the Freedom codes and acceleration for all willing hearts. Details in the Newsletter.

The Shifting to Embodiment Timelines Webinar replay is still available if you need assistance with choosing your highest trajectory. https://sandrawalter.mykajabi.com/

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