09 July 2019

Understanding Backlog ~ Jason Estes ~ 8 July 2019

58 Data Points....the norm now omigoddess. Is it any wonder we keep wanting to take naps.....Jason Estes has suggested this set of commands to help process and clear the backlog (the one about the overwhelm):

Source: Jason Estes

Understanding backlog

Every hour your handed a shoe box inside the shoe box is puzzle pieces, there is infinite puzzles your working on as your an immortal being so not always the pieces to the puzzle your focused on, so you process through the pieces as fast as you can. if you process through all the pieces prior to next box handed there is no backlog, however in influxes you get more boxes per hour then usual. so for instance humanity was originally designed to handle 1 box every 3 hours if there was 0 resistance.

we are now being asked to process 58 boxes every hour naturally and how many ever extra boxes an hour in the influx, so today's influx is 5 extra boxes an hour
so as you can see the influxes give you much needed pieces to the puzzle but for many they just go into backlog and even further into overwhelm because they cant process the boxes fast enough which leads to sickness and fatigue and eventually stress

So how do we speed up the process? good question the quickest way is through blessing everything that enters our body to keep it lighter so we can process faster, second is by staying present longer this means being aware of each action or movement we take in life and the 3rd and final one which is a masters journey is to observe triggers and choose to respond verses react

as we do all these things we find the backlog ceases to be a thing and we unlock more of our omni dimensional selves which allows for faster processing speed and greater expansion
as we unlock more of our omni dimensional selves we begin to solve reality faster and faster until eventually we pull in other aspects of ourselves from other lifetimes to solve, this is when you begin the immortal journey and start what i consider enlightenment. this is where the game becomes very fun and your perspective enhances beyond that of just this life so very little has inherit value and all is play.

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