22 July 2019

Upcoming Week ~ Celia Fenn ~ 21 July 2019

Source: Celia Fenn

Here comes the Lions Gate.
At speed.....

The sun enters the constellation of Leo on Tuesday the 23rd, and then Thursday the 25th is the Day out of Time and Friday 26th is the planetary New Year.

Tomorrow the 22nd is also the traditional Festival of Mary Magdalene, as the High Priestess of the Constellation of Cancer ushers in the Leo energy of the Lions Gate and welcomes the energy of the New Masculine Avatar.

Yes a very Full and exciting week, as the Lions Gate portal begins to open on the 26th and then will intensify to the 8/8 and through to the 12th/13th August.

If you would like to learn more about what happens as we initiate a new planetary timeline or join us in our ceremonies, activations and discussions, please go this link :


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