25 July 2019

Why We Are Out Of Time, and Why It's A Good Thing ~ Aluna Joy Yaxkín ~ 23 July 2019

We're in a Cosmic Re-Write....

This write-up from Aluna Joy Yaxk'in covers a lot of ground, and it's all about the transitional time we are in. It's not just Day Out of Time, but we're literally running out of time, and moving out of time.

All major and minor cycles are converging onto Zero Point. From what I can remember reading somewhere, the big cycles span several hundred thousands of years.

Source: Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

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WHY WE ARE OUT OF TIME, AND WHY IT IS A GOOD THING . . . And What is the Time Line Encapsulation?
Great Spirit, the Star Elders, Mayan Guardians through Aluna Joy
Downloaded in Tikal Guatemala and unpacked in Sedona Arizona. March 20th - July 20th, 2019
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It has taken me months to unpack what I learned and experienced in the Maya lands this past equinox 2019. It became very clear . . . the foundation for our new world was rebooted and anchored. It has been problematic to write about what we experienced on this pilgrimage in a linear format, so this message needs to be taken in as a whole. Sorry, it is a long one. I said in my earlier post (http://www.alunajoy.com/2019-04-22-newtimerealities.html) that I would share at a deeper level soon. This will be my attempt to do this. I hope it translates well to you.

Multiple timelines are being encapsulated . . .

(definition of "time lines being encapsulated" . . . an entire age of experience, or large completing cycle of time, that is compressed or reduced down into one purified point in time, to create a fertile seed, or pure essence of truth, or a foundation stone in which to begin to manifest within a new cycle, a new reality within a higher frequency in the new Earth template.)

Multiple pivotal events, and profound time lines from the past, (we are hearing back as far as the last 10,500 years and more) are now being folded over, INTO us, like a collapsing accordion, and they are being encapsulated into our new world, reality template. These profound past events are creating a framework for the new Earth template. This is an unfinished shell of a foundation for humanity to build the new vision they hold. This template is a core truth, the only constant in all cosmic and Earthly cycles throughout all time, dimension and ages. Everything inside this new framework is still from the old world, past cycle, including our current crumbling and barely working reality. This is the framework for our new world, so all creation will now be brought up to code, and up to the standards of the new incoming frequencies, in which only truth can stay in material form. This is all happening quickly now, and I am sure that you are feeling the many complex layers of which you need to simultaneously navigate these days. (Symptoms and personal impact will be listed later in this article.)

Multiple timeline nodes are crossing our current time line . . .
Profound Earthly and cosmic events in the past that have impacted evolution physically or spiritually, create new cycles or calendars. There are uncountable cycles. When time cycles cross over one another as they spiral inward (time cycles into the center of a golden mean spiral), they create power nodes, energy points or portals in time in which past profound events can be accessed in current time. Today, at this point in time (roughly from the years 2012/2013 to 2021/2022), a matrix of evolutionary and life changing events in the recent and ancient past are crossing over onto our current time line, all in a very short period of time. This period of time is highly concentrated life experience like we have never experienced.

Now, I hope I have not lost you already . . . but if you are still with me, then maybe the rest below is part of your destiny as new Earth builders. We need to work together to create pure, valid, true content to fill in this new Earth template.

During this past Equinox (March 20th, 2019), we became clear about many dates/pivotal historical evolutionary events that are now crossing over this time and being encapsulated into the new Earth template. Each auspicious date, going back in time, is separated farther apart at a multiplying rate of time. Looking back in time, these dates become less concentrated in time as it fans out spiraling backwards (many of these auspicious dates will be explained on further down). All past pivotal evolutionary events have been spiraling inward to the condensed center of a golden ratio spiral.

This Equinox, on March 20th, 2019, was a huge pivotal turning point. Leading up to the Equinox, the energy was really unpredictable. We were riding chaotic waves, and navigating massive oscillations . . . going from very deep peace to being frantic, fractured and unfocused. We are still feeling an inner pressure now, and we will continue to do so until this creation event has passed.

On the full moon of May 18th, 2019, we saw a huge addition of cosmic fuel to assist with the clearing of all miss-creations that are still inside the new Earth template. Then we were blasted through an eclipse portal with five planets in retrograde on July 2nd through July 16th, 2019. All miss-creations no longer resonate with incoming frequencies. The grace period is over.

When I began to become clear about this time line encapsulation . . .
We entered the site of Tikal on Equinox morning, and we hiked out to the base of the massive Temple 5 to do our fire ceremony. Many people felt quite faint as we began to set up the ceremony. I never feel faint, so the feeling that I was about to go down for the count really got my attention. This was a huge wave of energy coming in that was attracted to our group's heart and intent (and I am sure this energy was attracted to all the thousands of people working with the Equinox energy). This fainting feeling was released very quickly as we began to do the work. Don Julio Tot, our Mayan shaman, called in the 20 Mayan Nahuatl guardians with heart and passion. When he called in KAN, the serpent, the fire spoke back with a fire tornado. This was the fire telling us that we were holding good energy for the future. Many thanks to Guatemalan Mayan and Shaman Julio Tot and Mexican Mayan Elder Enrique Encalada! Both are long time brothers and blessings to me.

We all could feel that much would change in the outer world after this day. I was glad that we were inside a sacred site of Tikal surrounded by the guardians. It was the most powerful Equinox that I have ever felt, and I am so glad that I listened to the call and made the trip with so little time to prepare.

Please read on....

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