21 July 2019

Witnessing Another in Truth ~ Paul Selig

This is simply beautiful! Claiming someone in their Truth is something that Paul Selig advocates regularly in the information that he brings forth. Here, it is explained in detail why this is important for us to do.

Source: Empath 1111

Now when you witness another in truth, you claim them in truth. This is very important that you each understand. When something is claimed in truth. The truth is known by the being, in witness perhaps not at a conscious level, but the field that he holds, that believes itself to be separate from its source cannot withstand the claim of truth, when it is rendered, and we will tell you what we mean.

When you see someone in truth and claim them as truthful, you are saying what is always so at a higher level. You are not pretending they are truthful, nor are you agreeing with their terrible behavior, if that is how you see them. You are knowing who they truly are outside of what they claim, and the structures that they've erected to protect the small self.

Paul Selig - Dominion: A Channeled Workshop in Mastery
A Channeled Live Stream - March 2, 2016

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