26 August 2019

A Small Fragment of Solara's August 2019 Surf Report: THE LID COMES OFF!

This was just released today. The full report can be purchased  at Solara's website:

Source: Solara Anani

August is the month when the LID COMES OFF. This is a direct result of the ongoing collapse of the old Timeline. This is the lid that has kept us in limited situations and clouded our perceptions of what is real ~ the lid which has continually kept us smaller than we truly are. It is also the lid that prevented certain things from happening. It is the lid which has covered the illusions and now that it is coming off, all the layers of illusion are coming up to the surface to be fully seen before they evaporate. As the lid comes off, the dam breaks and energy long held back breaks free and spills forth.
At the same time, our filters are dissolving. These are the filters that have long kept us from speaking our truth, loving with our full beings and living True Lives. Without a lid or filters, we are compelled to be ULTRA REAL ~ whether we want to or not. Words of raw truth will just pop out of our mouths without any warning ~ sometimes in awkward moments when we least expect it. We may suddenly find ourselves making a drastic change of direction. Without a lid or filters, absolutely anything can happen on any level. This makes it one of those Be Ready for Anything months!
A lot of things are happening that have never happened before. Both on the planet and in our individual lives. We are doings that we never thought we would do and we have stopped doing things that we never thought we would stop. We are going way beyond our probable realities.
For some of us, August feels as if we suddenly slipped into a large sinkhole that we are still finding our way out of. Dropping into the sinkhole brought bouts of depression, a sense of hopelessness, super tiredness and complicated health challenges. These health issues aren't usually serious ones, but they require several steps to heal. They bring attention to the fact that we need to take better care of our physical bodies which are being bombarded with various frequencies coming from multiple levels.
Sinkholes always happen unexpectedly, without any warning. In an instant, long established elements of our old landscape completely disappear and there's no way to get them back. Yet, sinkholes are actually a positive occurrence. Not initially during the shock phase, but afterwards when we start to realize that we have suddenly become much freer than before. Major segments of old, narrow beliefs and expired emotional baggage are suddenly gone. Many of our remaining fears have disappeared. Our old landscape has been transfigured ~ either physically or energetically or both ~ which enables us to see things we couldn't see before. It enables us to do things that we didn't dare do before. August is full of sinkholes ~ in one form or another ~ that help more lids to come off.
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