22 August 2019

Be Patient with Yourself ~ Lee Harris ~ 22 August 2019

Source: Lee Harris

Be PATIENT with yourself as that next level desire surges up.

Don't worry if it then goes away an hour or two later. That's part of the process at the moment.

There's an up and a down force in motion and know that you aren't doing anything wrong. You are right in the heart of the energetics of the planet. And part of all of this for us is we haven't lived through a period like this before on earth, so our minds don't necessarily fully understand it. We can't fully track it. It's new to us.

So, the little freak outs that we can all have about, "What the hell's going on down here?", are quite to be expected.

What will help is if you can just keep breathing into- “What do I need next? What do I need right now in this now moment? Where can I place my focus right now that is going to bring me to a calmer, more open and more supported state?”

-From August 2019 Energy Update

Watch or Read the full Energy Update here: http://bit.ly/aug2019eu

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