30 August 2019

Card of the Month: Pulse of Life ~ Germane & Lyssa Royal ~ September 2019

Humanity is now feeling this shift in galactic frequency. It is now calling you home.

This is such a beautiful message....

Source: Lyssa Royal

Card of the Month - September 2019
Card #2 | Galactic Core (Parallel) | Pulse of Life

This card represents the most primal energy in our galaxy. It is the energy of both the birth and death of the Milky Way. It is the Alpha and Omega – the beginning and the end. Accessing this frequency connects you to the pure and raw energy of Creation itself.

We have often used a metaphor for galactic core. Within a human body, the heart keeps everything circulating. By connecting with your heartbeat, or your breath, you can connect with the body. The energy of galactic core has similar principles. It has a pulse, or frequency. By connecting with this pulse, you can connect with the flow of evolution. This frequency has no story, no drama, and no polarity. It simply exists as a reminder of the true nature of consciousness, which is often forgotten as it is birthed into physical reality. This frequency changes as the galaxy matures and it is this frequency that compels evolution. When the frequency begins to intensify, integration must occur. Evolution rapidly accelerates. Humanity is now feeling this shift in galactic frequency. It is now calling you home.

This description may seem too abstract or esoteric to be useful to humans who are entangled in physical lives, so what guidance can we give for a more clear understanding of this principle?

As the energy accelerates, humans have the sense of being overwhelmed. You feel overwhelmed by everything: emotions, relationships, and managing all the have-to-dos that seem to be multiplying by the day. In this state, you begin to shut down as a way to manage too much stimuli. The more you shut down, the more disconnected you feel from the Universe, and the cycle continues. You eventually long to be more spiritually connected but have no idea where to start.

We have often discussed the microcosm and the macrocosm and how reality is reflected in the way many of you have heard: As above, so below. This means that in order to access the larger ideas (macrocosm) such as the energy of galactic core, you can do so by tapping into the microcosm – the “smaller” fractal of the larger idea. As stated above, you can use the body as a way to tap into galactic core, by placing your focus on the “pulses” or cycles within the body. The easiest is the breath.

Think of galaxies as having breath cycles. The out-breath represents original separation and the in-breath is evolutionary integration. As you sit quietly and focus on your own breath (as a representation of the microcosm) and you watch and feel these cycles of breath, the mind quiets and you begin to not only tap into the cycles within the body (microcosm), but you can also begin to tap into the cycles of the universe (the macrocosm). This process removes you from the minutiae of a human existence and moves your consciousness into a more true reality of its infinite nature. Inner peace begins to blossom.

The message about this card is timely and actually quite simple. As you on Earth begin entering a cycle of extreme distraction caused by the habit of trying to manage external minutiae, you have a choice. The more you chase the external drama, the more fragmented and disconnected you will become. If you make the choice to instead go inward and cultivate your connection to the “Pulse of Life” (the theme of this card), you revitalize yourself. Reconnecting back to the energy of galactic core returns you to a more primal and yet integrated aspect of consciousness itself – one that is beyond duality and profound in its ability to remind you of your true nature. That true nature is nondual and can center you in the highest frequencies of love. It is your choice. Start with the breath as a way to reconnect with the primal energy of Creation. Follow the thread of your breath, for it will always lead you back Home.

Germane -- through Lyssa Royal Holt
www.lyssaroyal.net | www.solischool.org
For more information from Germane on YouTube about the card meanings, go to Lyssa's YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeuLbnOjJBUfqqm2KEqkpLA

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