30 August 2019

Celia Fenn Update ~ 30 August 2019

Earlier today, I was scanning through some article that was describing Bardo....but I can't recall now where I saw it.

Source: Celia Fenn

We are truly at an incredible place where one timeline has collapsed and we are moving into a new and ascending timeline for the 2019/2020 cycle. I feel in my own life how the old is just falling away as the new rises to take its place.

But the new is not yet fully here...and so we are in a state of "temporal limbo" for lack of a better phrase, where we are "between" two time cycles.

I feel that as we move towards the Equinox at the end of September more clarity will emerge and we will feel more focussed.

At the moment the laser like light of Regulus is just throwing up so much "stuff" that is just asking to be released and not to be "worked". It is just past "trash" that is coming up so that we can empty that file for good. And move onwards....

There is something amazing waiting on the horizon.

I keep having dreams that are filled with people that I do not know, yet I know them. I get a sense that I am traveling in my sleep state to work with groups of people. I am helping to prepare them for big changes that are coming soon. I don't know what it is, but Spirit is bringing us together into Soul families and tribes to prepare for some major shifting that is going to go down soon.

There is no doubt that we are moving into some really new Time and Space adventures and that Spirit is working to prepare us to be the Light teams we are meant to be and to be ready to assist the next waves as they join the New Earth timelines.

Oh yes...and the whales are also helping with their sonic and dream transmissions through the cosmic waters of Time/Space.....

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