30 August 2019

Cosmic Rhythm ~ Gigi Young ~ 29 August 2019

Source: Gigi Young

We move through light ages and dark ages.
Golden ages and Ages of Destruction.

We rise.
We fall.
We expand.
We contract.

Not unlike the motion of our heart and lungs. It is this cosmic rhythm that creates the very momentum of consciousness and time as we know it.

We identify these large cosmic patters as 'ages' and attribute astrological qualities to them to help us understand the archetypal significance of the age that we are in. Ancient cultures mysteriously observed this passage of time as the procession of the equinox.

During a golden age the veil between worlds is surprisingly thin. We commune with spirit easily and develop spiritual techniques and perhaps particular gods or goddess that represent the themes of the age. We are creative, connected, inspired, healing and we see clearly.

During the dark age the veil between worlds thickens and we cannot easily sense our spirit. Consciousness becomes denser and thus our lower chakras become loud. All truth, beliefs and techniques developed in the golden age invert and distort.

The dark age is a time of immense challenge where we are tested to see if we have truly integrated the teachings and lessons of the prior golden age.During this dark time, naturally, corruption reigns. Leaders seek power and black magick becomes a means to get it cheaply.

It is important that we understand where we currently are in this cycle today: the end of A DARK AGE.

If we do not understand this we will blindly, and inaccurately, assume the wrong conditions of our environment, which is the root of ignorance.

The highest purpose of spirituality is not to develop extraordinary abilities, but rather to clearly see the truth in the world around us. It is to give us the courage and tools to observe and confront the shadow.

I am going deep into this dynamic in this weeks In Plain Sight Episode! It will appear on my website for premium members tonight and on Youtube Saturday morning!

Catch up on the series here with episode one:


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