31 August 2019

Deconstruction In Progress....?

Something very obvious struck me two days ago when I had to run some errands and therefore spend several hours "outside". I had quite a bit to do, so I was rather focussed on getting tasks done as quickly as possible, and yet looking out for items for my own needs.

It wasn't until I took a moment to get centered that I noticed....almost nothing. I couldn't feel anything much of the reality, it was as if there wasn't very much left to tap into. I was taken aback for a few moments, as it was totally unexpected. I could hardly feel the lower reality, not even the density or heaviness that I usually feel when I have to spend long periods of time in public places.

People were once again very nice, and I got the sense that the Collective Consciousness has lifted quite a few notches in recent times. But the lower reality construct ~ I couldn't feel very much of it.

From what I can comprehend, it's like there's not much juice left in the lower realm. The lower reality deconstruct (or whatever else it is called) has progressed quite a bit. Simultaneously, the Collective Consciousness is rising. This could be due to the 600 million (or more) that shifted to the Ascension Timeline, and a new stable one at that, at that, as per Jason Estes' information.  Other sources are also indicating that massive numbers of people are awakening. But this is the first time I've actually felt the lack of "substance" in the outside world.

As always, this is my interpretation only, so please go with what resonates :)

Namaste & Blessings!

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