31 August 2019

Jason Estes Update: September ~ 31 August 2019

Source: Jason Estes

Welcome to September (early for those who are prewaving or like to get a heads start )

This is a month of restoration and relaxation and integration

that being said there is a single influx and a huge portal were we can catch up on the backlog

September is a prep month as October is massive

a few days ago the ocean began to shift into its higher form and the waters of this world began to transform

the cosmos began to change as well

i often try to keep my posts grounded but this time it feels important to express there is a huge shift headed from a black hole that became "active" and released a huge amount of photonic energy which should arrive at our sun sometime around the 15-18th of September

in order to handle this we have been granted a window from 18th-21st where we can process at a much higher rate then usual

it is advisable you take those days to get centered and clear really focus on your own connection to source and find yourself again

October is a month of tests and awakening that will begin the shake down of the illusionairy spiritual's physical place on earth, this process should take 6-8 months, ill write more about it in October

just know we are about to step into an acceleration unlike any that have ever come before it and that you have planed and prepared your whole life for this and you can handle this and will and on the other side you will remember why

as always stay focused on today work through things as they come up and most importantly find fun in your reality ::hugs::

September 1-5th Template Tests
September 4th 3pt influx
September 15th Prewave the sun self updates
September 18th-21st Integration Window
September 28th Prewave October the massive month of change

Movie recommendation for September: Mr nobody

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